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  1. Thanks for recommendation. Never searched or purchased tones before, even with the X3 (yes, really a novice). Should I search for HD500X tones only or will the HD500 tones work just as well?
  2. Greetings. Looking for guidance from the experts/experience HD 500/500Xusers. I just purchased an HD500X yesterday. I used an X3 Live which is defective & unusable as of last week. I have a gig on Wednesday and I don't think I will have the time to ramp up on how to program it correctly to create the tones I need. I play for a wedding band, so top 40s & Latin dance type songs. So based on this profile, I am hoping some of you experienced musicians can recommend guidance on how to easy CREATE OR suggested PRESET on the HD500X for the following type of tones: 1) General Clean/Rhythm Tone 2) Chorus Tone 3) Delay Tone 4) Soft Crunch Tone 5) Heavy Crunch Tone 5) Full Lead tone I know is a matter of taste and individuality, but just looking for something decent Tones to get me through Wednesday, as I read the manual and come up to speed on the programming of the device. Any guidance would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
  3. following the advise of the experts, I went to the local guitar store I normally shop today and they gave me a used HD500X to take home as a loaner (free) and try it for two weeks. If I like it I can return it and buy a new one or just return it. I setting it up now and looking forward to evaluating it myself. I am reading the manual now to get familiar. Thanks for support. .
  4. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. So I did seek and actually found (Studioratlollipop thanks for suggestion) a store with new unopened X3 Live for under $300. Before I pull the trigger and purchase a new X3 Live (even if is discontinued) instead of getting the HD500X , , my last question to the forum: Note I play for a wedding band, top 40 music, some rock, etc. I also new to the playing live scene, really inexperienced, the question is: If $ was NOT an issue, and you owned an X3 Live that is broken beyond repair, would you buy another X3 Live again instead of an HD500X at this stage of the Line6 Technological evolution? Experts, would you do this?
  5. Interesting suggestion, "parking the knob". (Thanks) Note that the issue happens only during performance and when the sound drops by about 90%, even pressing the expression pedal all the way down barely raises the volume back to normal. So the issue even affects the volume pedals and all presets. Is like the entire pedal goes into a distorted/clip mode and all volume drop. Since this issue only happens after a few hours of usage during a gig/performance & I have not been able to replicate at home (even when I leave the board on all day to test for overheating), I will definitely try the X3Live one more time during next gig and "park the knobs" and test results. Thanks.
  6. Great Post. I am a newbie to Line6 product usage & forums so bare with me. Looking for recommendations from you experts and leveraging this related thread. I purchased an X3L years back started using it until I had a strange problem where during performance, the volume would intermittently drop drastically on all outputs/presets etc., Had it supposedly fix by authorized dealer and nothing was really done. Issue was still there thus got frustrated stop using the unit. I began to use it again recently and love it. unfortunately the problem is still there where during gigs at some point volume drops and I've had a few embarrassed moments and I am forced to stop using it. Since product is no longer supported and considering purchasing an HD500/500X. I thought it was me that the sound of these units sound weak, not as FAT as the X3 Live. I thought this new technology would be better, but it seems they fall short to the X3L. But I was going to purchase an HD500X anyway since no choice. After reading this thread I am considering purchasing another X3 Live USED, but worry I may purchase a unit with issues and I find myself with two X3 Lives with issues and can't use. Any suggestions on minimizing risk of purchasing a used X3 Live?
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