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  1. thanks for the response... jajaja... ok i maybe gonna sell it, but first l wanna give it a try and see if l could make some use of tit. I guess its just that i would be happy seeing all those bright leds on the floor and that huge pedalboard... jajaja l tried the 4cm... for my taste i prefer to go directly on the efects loop.
  2. hello folks, its been a while since my last topic on this forum but i kinda keep around in the middle... i have an HD500 and i,ve been happy with it. I use it on the effects loop of a marshall tube combo I own with my guitar directly plugged to the pod... so i bypass the amps pre. i traded a laney amp l didnt use for a Boss GT100... mainly because its easier to hold around the house and the amp was just colecting dust and a waste of space. my question is: what would you do with the Boss unit? how can l get some use for it? hope to hear some useful answers as always! pd: sorry for my english...
  3. intenta recalibrar el pedal de expresión http://line6.com/support/docs/DOC-2223
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