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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but currently there is no way to tell a snapshot whether or not it can control the bypass state of a block. I believe once you dictate the bypass state of a block on a snapshot, it will remember it for that specific snapshot but I won't be able to remove it as a controller. For example, I create a new preset. Snapshot 1 has reverb on. Snapshot 2 has reverb off. Snapshot 3 has not been edited. When I go from snapshot 1 to snapshot 3, reverb will remain on. When I go to snapshot 2, reverb will turn off. Then when I go from snapshot 2 to snapshot 3, reverb will remain off. However, once I start editing reverb on snapshot 3, snapshot 3 will control the bypass state of reverb and I can never replicate the first three sentences of this paragraph. Is this correct? Am I missing a feature? Or is there a workaround for this? Any input is much appreciated!
  2. I've setup some presets to be in the same group so that I can switch from one preset to another. But these groupings are stored all over the firehawk's 32 possible groups. Rather than stepping on bank up 16 times to get to the 16th group of effects, is there a way to get there faster? I would think searching tones on the firehawk presets section would accomplish this but when you select a tone, it just replaces the preset you're currently in with the one you just searched for. Thanks!
  3. I was trying to recreate the solo in Like a Stone using the firehawk as a whammy pedal. It has an effect called bender in the synths section. At first this seemed impossible because when you first enter the bender effect (for me at least) you can only control the mix parameter with the FX knob or expression pedal. I looked all over the place to see where I can reassign the pedal to the position parameter, like a whammy pedal. Plus, why would the mix parameter be controlled by the pedal by default? Anyway, I searched for an answer and couldn't find any. So I switched the effect to see how the pedal was controlling other parameters in other effects. Couldn't find a solution there either. So I went back to the bender effect. When I went back, the expression pedal was assigned to the position parameter, like how I wanted it. No idea how it happened... but I was able to publish my attempt at the Like a Stone Solo tone. So does anyone know how to manually change what parameter is assigned to the FX knob or expression pedal? I just got lucky, but would like to know how this can be controlled. THANKS!
  4. guitar center is showing April 24th
  5. I thought I read somewhere that the looper wasn't going to be added, which is a bummer... plus I don't see the foot switch for it...
  6. Hello! I pre-ordered the firehawk and I'm really excited. I own the hd500 and have been wanting something easier to use and edit. What effects will be available in the firehawk? Please tell me the pitch glide made the cut! Thanks!
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