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  1. PetGerbil

    Right, I'm out.

    In true internet fashion i'm gonna flounce out and leave the room. :) This forum is now unreadable without annoying me, sooo. I'm off. (Waddya mean no great loss ? :p ) As it appears that the majority have no problem with it, I've concluded that it must be me...so farewell!
  2. That made me smile. :) You would think that wouldn't you ? You can go into the 1/8" mic input. The other way is to get an external USB Audio interface which is what i would have recommended a few years back. Now,? Get a Tascam DR-40. It's got Stereo mic's plus two inputs. And 4-track recording. Plug it into a Pc, which will see it as an external hard drive and edit the audio files. You can overdub as many tracks as you want until your memory cards full. Latency ? none. noise ? none With on-board sound you're probably looking at 35-70ms latency. External USB soundcard with ASIO drivers, about 5-15ms.
  3. Also, If you want multitrack recording software, Audacity is free and will get you going. www.audacityteam.org/home/
  4. Audio out from pod to audio in on laptop ? Then if that doesn't sound too good, get an external audio interface and recording software(which will probably come bundled with the interface.) Then after a period of frustrating hell dealing with latency and timing,buy a Tascam dr-40. Use that to record and overdub (no latency) and just use the computer to assemble the parts you have recorded. Simple. :)
  5. If it's a ground-loop problem causing the noise (which it probably is) Then it sounds like you need a D.I. Box (Direct injection) with a "ground lift" What you could do, is go to your local guitar store and describe your problem and say you want to buy a D.I. box that has a ground-lift switch on it.But your not sure if that will cure the problem so you want to be able to bring it back for a refund if it doesn't work. I've only got a hazy understanding of ground loops and D.I. boxes, but I've got a ground lift switch on my sound card which makes noise go away. Have a read of this wiki article, It explains it better than i can. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DI_unit
  6. The gate is in the additional setup, page two. Where the Midi and the tempo settings are. It's a global setting that isn't changed when you change patches so that might be why it only goes off when True bypass mode is used. The thinking being that people would want it on all the time if their guitar was picking up noise, But if people want true bypass then that's when everything gets turned off,buffers,gates the lot. If it's not that then I dunno.
  7. It's not the gate is it.? The noise is still there but the gate is gate'ing it out perhaps. (The one in the "setup" page, not the gate effect....is there a gate effect? dunno,can't remember. anyway,not that one if there is.)
  8. Push the connectors together harder, (1/4" to 1/8" adapter) If they are not in all the way or are a bit bent, then you lose one of the stereo channels. That might be it. :)
  9. Ground loop. I take it that all your other pedals are using one power supply ? I could try and explain further, but I'd only be rewriting what i had read about 'em from Wikipedia. It's something to do with using two or more power supplies and floating earths. Possible cures include a D.I. Box that can do a "Ground Lift" on the signal. ....And that is my knowledge on the subject exhausted. :) I'll leave it for someone more knowledgeable from here.
  10. Same thing happened here, http://uk.line6.com/supportarchivenew/thread/66191/
  11. Try pressing the On/Off switch instead of the Tap switch at the same time as the model select.
  12. I would try the Midi cable idea first, Connect a Midi cable from the Out to the In of the M9 you want to recieve. (You may need two cables, out to in and in to out for it to work.) Do a system dump from one into the other. In the Midi settings,go to "Midi Dump all ?" then press "On/off" to send it. (I've got an M5 so it may be different, but there is a typo in the manual for the M5 which says "Press Tap to send" when it should say "press On/Off" to send.) Or If you have a Midi Interface, You could use software such as "Midi-Ox" to record a "Sysex" dump of the M9's presets, and squirt that back into the other M9. (If you do use "Midi-Ox", you have to "Send/recieve" the data.Not just "Send" it, else it won't work. ) hth :)
  13. The manual says .."press and hold Tap while you press down on the model select knob" to save a sysex dump. This doesn't work (at least on my M5) And after much lead swapping and head scratching, I discovered you have to press the On/Off button instead of The Tap button. The manual should say,"..press and hold On/Off while you press down on the model select knob." (Also, if you happen to be using Midi-Ox to record the Sysex, You have to send/receive the data for it to work and not just send it. :) )
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