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  1. Tried it, don't work for me
  2. I will try, but I checked the other presets were the effect ist not there or way less, the Ripple and Hum is the same or even higher, so not sure if it will helps. We will see. Tanks for your hint anyway, I appreciate it ;)
  3. I habe the same problem. I run a Fender American ultra hss Strat into the podgo and habe a blueamps FRFR box at line out. And in all of my presets I have some crazy additional tones especially at the 12-15 fret. This happens mainly be bending notes by a quarter. With headphones it does not appear, with the box it starts to me mentionable at higher volumes. In factory presets or presets I bought I don't have the effect at all or it appears only at > 95% volume. I thought that my presets are maybe to loud and that some frequencies are Overdrive the line out. But I will try the hint with the amo settings. It happens also with other guitars and I let check the box and it was fine.
  4. I am using a External looper and connect it to the fx loop Block. So far so good, but if I change the preset the fx loop is off a short time. So the sound interrupts. So I think it is not ussable for live performance. Any ideas for solving this issue?
  5. I have the same Issue. And in addition sometimes it is not started at all an hang up in the start screen
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