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  1. I learned today also that it works OK on my PC but not on Mac. I've tried to change all the blocking programs mentioned somewhere else but nothing
  2. Hi everyone, I need your urgent help before I run crazy. I own two MACs (Book Pro and iMac). I used to link before my PODxt live to it without problems, but now I've updated the Monkey program and it does´t want to recognise my PODxt live. I've updated more than 10 times the drivers but the list simply doesn't include an XT live model. The strangest thing is that the Line 6 Edit and Gearbox can automatically identify the pedal board, but the Monkey don't. I've read through previous posts like unblocking the firewall, uninstalling and jumping to previous versions and whatsoever but I simply cannot get this crazy monkey to show me up a PDxt live on that list or recognise it. I really would appreciate anyones (or Line s's) support. A thankful customer will be waiting desperately. JP
  3. jpllanos

    Drivers Not Recognised In Monkey (mac Running Mavericks)

    Same here. Updated Monkey and driver for Pod xt live and now it doesn't recognise the device connected via USB. Tried to install older versions but same issue.