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  1. Awesome!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really appreciate it.
  2. Hello, everyone. I would like some help from the tech guys. My Expression pedal stopped working. At first, it started to roll back to heel position constantly (0%) by itself. Now it's completely stuck on 0%. So i can't use it to control anything. If i assign it to a volume pedal the patch will go completely silent, for instance. The pedal switch is working normally and is changiing from EXP 1 to EXP, as it should. It just won't sweep, even when at pedal cal. screen. I've tried to flash it again with no luck, so it's probably hardware. After fighting it, I had it opened by a tech friend. He said the probable cause is an optical sensor pair malfunction. He said i should take it back to him when he has the time to work on it, but gave me the green light to research the part beforehand just in case he comes to the same conclusion after examination at his shop. So here i come... does anyone know the correct specs and ID for the part and where i could get it??? I attached some pics to help. Thanks !!!!!!
  3. Sadly its the way i feared. Thank you guys anyway. Ill get the headstock tuner
  4. Good day, people. My TAP footswitch is starting to get difficult to engage and i feel it will soon fail. I don't have time these days to get it to service, as i need the unit for some rehearsals and gigs. I was thinking.. is there another way to acess the tuner function? I only use the tap switch for that and i don't use it for the time parameter control stuff.... Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!
  5. Sorry to bring this one back to life. My monitor pair has only two RCAs and two TRS Ins. I was thinking going with a XLR/TRS cable from [POD XLR outs -> XLR in Monitors]. But I read here it was too quiet for use. i don't need a lot of volume, but anyway... So Should I go with regular guitar cables from the [1/4 Out POD -> TRS In Monitors] with the 1/4" out switch set on LINE? Or Should i just use the headphone out to RCA? Do I get lower quality with this option? Thank you in advance.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. After i get the sound right with my headphones they usually sound right with almost no tweaking on live settings. And the recordings sound close too when played on my sound system. That's what I want out of a monitor. Thanks for the input. Guess I should look for bigger ones so I can more accurately hear the bass.
  7. Good day. I usually use my pod with my akg mkii240 to work on some basic guitar recordings (like solos over backing tracks) and to make presets for those and live playing (i use my Marshall amp or frfr for that) . I'm finding a little tiring sometimes having to use headphones and I would like some freedom too to take me notebook and listen to recordings on different places other than my room. I checked this presonus ceres 3.5bt which even has Bluetooth. Question is.. Is the sound quality Frfr enough for making those presets and recordings? Does it have enough for me to listen to my music and my recording as well as patch making accurately??? Or is it too small?
  8. Thanks for the answers, guys. Guess I'll stick with the effects return. Just got curios about it and wanted to check how it sounds. I was more curious on what output should I use from the POD to Amp (regular1/4 or headphones out or another one)
  9. Hey guys. I'll be using and Marshall MG50CFX for some gigs and I was checking out Line 6 documents and found this option to connect the POD directly to the CD/MP3 input and bypass everything pre. Wich output from the POD should i use? The headphones out or one of the 1/4" outputs with an adapter plug ? If I should use the 1/4' cables, should i select "line" or "amp" level??? "Q: Can I bypass the preamp section of my amp to avoid stacking two preamps? A: Yes, There are two ways this can be accomplished. 1) If your amplifier has a CD/MP3 input you can go directly in the this jack from the POD output (This is a common method with the Line 6 Spider Series amplifiers). Be aware you may need to "trick" your amplifier input by using a 1/4" "dummy" plug in the instrument input to allow signal to pass to the speaker (headphone adaptors often work well for this purpose). Guitar > POD unit > Amplifier CD/MP3 input with 1/4" "dummy" plug in the instrument input"
  10. I have two questions on amp usage with the POD X3 live. I plan on using the POD with an amp and record it. The amp is a Blackstar amp that has an emulated output for use with phones or a mixing/record device. I only use the POD for recording and I dont plan on buying anything to record. But I would like to record the amp tone and add only effects from the pod. Could I use the emulated output from the amp directly into the POD? What connection should should i use it? Could I turn off modelling and use the modulations? On the topic of using the POD for only effects on an amp's effects loop... "Q: Can I run my POD/X3/xt/Pro/Live/Floor in an effect loop of an amplifier to use just the effects rather than the amp modeling? A: Yes, it is possible to to run a POD as an effect unit in the effect loop of an amplifier. You may want to turn off the amp modeling or use as clean a sound as possible to avoid stacking preamps. You may also need to lower the “line level†signal of the amplifier's effect send output to "instrument level" to avoid potential damage to the input of your POD. Some POD units will have a pad switch that will accomplish this function. If your POD unit does not have an input pad switch, a device such as the Ebtech Line Level Shifter can be used to lower the line level if necessary." Would the Switch mentioned be the GUITAR IN PAD i have on my POD X3 live? So i should turn it to the "ON POSITION" to avoid damage to the POD when using it in an amp's effects loop?
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