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  1. Nothing worked from Line 6 suggestions. However, I turned it on after 2 days of being off. Guess is back to normal. Very weird.
  2. Would that be different than using the Updater to update Firmware? I've done that twice now to 2.10 with no love.
  3. I just restarted my Helix and noticed that for a couple seconds, the screen is actually normal. Then it flips again... No cats or Queen of Hearts. But, I did put in a trouble ticket. My guess is I'll be out a Helix for a month or so. FML. I just want to point out, I have had basically no issues with this Helix and I got it as soon as it came out. I love this thing.
  4. Already turned off and back on. Updated to the newest firmware.
  5. Pretty odd. I went to change a patch and my LCD screen flipped backwards. Now everything in any screen is backwards on my LCD screen only. Scribble strips are good. All the buttons under the LCD screen still think everything is normal so they adjust the parameters originally associated with them but not the parameter newly above the knob. The joystick also is reverse sensing, i.e. left is right now. Did I hit some magic combination of buttons to cause this? How do I go back?
  6. ShredIbanez

    Lead boost

    Put the gain block (found under volume) after the amp and cab with around 4.0dB and you will get a clean boost. Just raises the volume with no color. Boom. Has to be after or it will distort.
  7. Totally missing! I was disappointed by that. My HD500X had it...
  8. I plug my PRS Custom 24 into a Crybaby 535Q wah then directly into the guitar input of my Line 6 Helix. I've noticed that I occasionally get a loss of signal when using the wah on high gain patches. The sound comes back almost immediately, but it definitely is disconcerting. Newest Firmware. 1.03.0
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