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  1. I updated from FW 3.00 to FW 3.01,... now my helix floor cannot control my PowerCab plus 112 anymore ... I can hear the audio signal, but the parameters of the output block do not change anything on the PC+ anymore. The powercab plus is up to date (FW2.001) , I tried to change the cable, but the problem persist. Any idea ? Edit : --> I restored the factory settings (power up while pressing buttons 9 & 10), then restored a backup, and now it seems to work again.
  2. I have the exact same problem. Studio One 4.6.1, Hx Native 1.9, on macOS Cataiina Can't hear any change in my sound (changing presets on hx native) unless I disable, then reenable monitoring or turn off low latency... It's really annoying and it kills my workflow.
  3. Hi, I'm using helix floor, fw2.81 : I'm using two switches to send key commands to Ableton live (so I can control the ableton looper). But if I change the snapshots on my preset, the key commands are not working anymore. I need to reload the entire preset to make it work again.
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