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  1. Punk3r

    POD HD 500 Boot Loop

    They just reply my ticket. But very so so.
  2. Hi!

    I have read your topic about flash memory issues and i had the same problem now. i have tried alot of way to fix this issues but nothing help at all. So i have a question. Could you send me the pic of the "Internal USB chip controler". Cuz i thought it had problem from the inside. Sorry for my messy English. Thanks

  3. Punk3r

    POD HD 500 Boot Loop

  4. Punk3r

    POD HD 500 Boot Loop

    Plz HELP ME!!!!
  5. Hi, My HD500 got boot loop today when i connect wrong plug with the power. I search google and forum for advice but nothing help. I do the unplug and press "down" button and then it show update Flash. But i already update the latest flash firmware from 2 week ago. Line6 Monkey wont recognize it. Everytime i try to install drive from line6 Monkey, it download and then fail to lauch install. I delete monkey and reinstall,it work but when i open the monkey again, then it keep show the triangle error beside the drive and the error still happen. I cant boot into global reset. I can boot in test and safe mode by pressing down the right nav and plug in power. But it show the P beside the Flash firmware. What should i do now to save my HD500. PLZ help..Im so desperate!!!
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