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  1. Awesome! Thanks everyone!! I didn't know about the Bitcrusher but now I'll dive in and give it a try... And... Now THAT is something I'm an expert at....... ;o) Thanks again!
  2. I don't spend too much time on the forums so I'm not exactly sure where people go to share things like 'wish lists' for possible added fx models in future firmware updates.....so I thought I'd add one here! I just watched a presenter demo the Mobius (from Strymon) and I LOVED the 'Destroyer' setting!! It lets you tear apart the regular, pristine signal at your selected bit rate, also lets you dial in or out some 'crackle', and then you've got a tone that sounds exactly like it's coming out of an old vinyl record player!!! I don't know why but lately I've been digging all those lo-fi type effects for some reason. I love the contrast they can give to all the great, clear tones you can get out of the Helix....doing something like that can really wake the audience up! Of course, I'm fairly new to the Helix so maybe there's already something in there like that so maybe someone can point me in the right direction, but if not, that might be a cool model to add in a future firmware update. Keep up the great work Line 6!!!!
  3. Thanks man, I appreciate all the help!!
  4. Thanks phil_m, that makes sense! I think I probably have just been a little too fixated on having access to the 'full power' of all the effects in the unit that I never stopped to really think about the practicality of actually using seven or more effects at one time. Your suggestion of even using different presets is also great, if I need one particular instance of something weird like a tremolo/chorus/panner for one song, I can just make it a different preset, rather than trying to fit some of those "extra" things back into my main pedal setup. Just to clarify one last thing, you mentioned having just the one block be an FX Loop (either loop 1 or 2, both send and return). I'm guessing that's got to be the smart way to do it, and I'm only asking because the tutorial I watched specifically showed the guy setting one block to be only the send, then moved over, and set the next block to be only the return.......there's GOT to be a single block 'FX loop' in there....right?? Regardless, can't wait to get mine and thanks to everyone for the help and insights!!!
  5. I'm curious about this too. (I'll be getting my HX effects in a couple of weeks and have been doing my homework on this so that I'm ready to be up and running as soon as it arrives!!) I understand what you're saying about not assigning the send or return to a footswitch, so that you don't give up a spot....but I'm still a little confused about whether or not I will have to "give up" a block overall. I've seen tutorials where, out of the nine total effect blocks you start with, people put their 'pre' effects in, then set a block to be the send, another block to be the return, then continue on with their "post" effects. Whether or not you set those blocks to be assigned to foot switches, to me that says now you're immediately down to seven blocks you can use for effects (in other words, choosing to run 4CM now limits every preset to a max of seven usable effect blocks...) Now, if you have a second amp and wanted to do 7CM, then you'd be down two more blocks for routing so you can only have a max of 5 effects?!? I'm very much hoping that I have an incorrect understanding about the way to accomplish the routing, basically that there would be a different way to set the routing to use/bypass/etc the effects loops for 4CM that would not use up blocks out of the nine total. (It's also entirely possible the tutorials I was watching were put out by idiots who didn't know what they were doing...........) So, my overall questions is just: Can you route the effect blocks for 4CM WITHOUT using other effect blocks?? (Through menus/settings on a pedal by pedal basis?) Thanks!!
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