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  1. Yep, that's what I also figured out, turning on/off two volume pedals to switch amps is instantaneous. You measured the mute to only 5 ms? As I showed in my clips my gap is 40 ms when switching patches (same identical patch copied to 1A and 1B), and a whooping 80 ms when turning on/off two amps in the same patch. My unit is an HD500X. So I'm wondering if the HD500X is actually significantly _worse_ in this respect? 5 ms sounds perfectly fine, but the 40 ms gap I have is intolerable in a live situation. Which amps did you use when you measured 5 ms? I'm mostly using the Engl and Mesa amps.
  2. Actually I just found a temporary workaround to switching amps in the same patch until the problem is fixed. By having two amps in parallell both turned ON and placing a volume pedal at 0% in front of each, turning one ON and one OFF, and assigning them to the same FS button I can now change between amps without gaps. Example: http://www.emancer.net/hd500x/hd500x-switching-amps-using-vol-ped.mp3
  3. Sorry to hijack the thread, but I'm having the same problem and I find that the gap when changing patches and amps is nowhere near "tolerable". Is there anything that can be done to avoid or at least reduce this problem? I'm using the HD500X, updated to the latest firmware (1.20), but had the same problem before upgrading firmware as well. Here are some examples I recorded, USB _not_ plugged in, recorded directly from 1/4" output into a separate audio interface. Changing between two copies of the same patch (looking at the waveform the gaps are roughly 40 ms): http://www.emancer.net/hd500x/hd500x-switching-tones.mp3 Changing between two amps in parallell in the same patch (the gaps are roughly 80 ms with a nasty crack/pop): http://www.emancer.net/hd500x/hd500x-switching-amps.mp3 Right now I'm reduced to using the same patch for entire songs using the stomps to change the sound, like adding a delay or putting a volume pedal in front of the amp to switch between a crunch tone and a hi-gain tone, but this really is a poor solution and doesn't give me much flexibility.
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