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  1. If you don't set the patch volume at zero on the HX Stomp, you hear your unprocessed guitar mixed in with the processed Helix Native tone through the headphones/monitors. This utility patch just sets a volume block with zero volume, to make it less fussy to set up. That's how I use it.
  2. Sharing my patch for using the HX Stomp as an interface for Helix Native. Basic operation - in your DAW, set your input to 5 on the Stomp, and turn on input monitoring. Load up this patch and you'll only hear Native out of the headphones out. I took advantage of the Native Discount and am glad I did - I can create more complex patches on my Mac for studio use. Get the patch here.
  3. You can find them used for practically the cost of the Vintage 30's in the combo. A great buy.
  4. Please delete this misinformation :) The Spider Valve is awesome for using it with Helix or other advanced modelers. As said by others, plug into the power-amp in to bypass the modeling preamp.
  5. Check out Fluid Solo, it's just getting started but there's a lot of cool stuff in there already.
  6. Look for a used Spider Valve 2x12 on Craigslist - it's an awesome amp to run your modeler into. Great speakers and nice tube poweramp. Can usually be found cheap.
  7. This worked for me, I have El Cap installed, and already had the latest drivers and monkey. I simply ran the packages in the order above, and skipped packages that could not be installed because a newer version was already on the computer. Afterwards I plugged in my device and started gearbox as normal. Yay!
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