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  1. You ARE A lollipopING STAR!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH ! RESPECT!!!!!
  2. Brother Thank you very much for you help. The only problem is that i live in UK. :( No seller posts to UK. i ve tried with emails and they deal within USA only . But thanks very much anyway. RESPECT
  3. Hi Guys . I could do with little help. My navigation pot on my HD500X is broken. I have removed the circuit board but i can't unsold the navi pot with my soldering gun and i don't know that type of pot is installed in there . Does anyone know of any repeir service for Line 6 in London ? Or perhaps you know the type of the pot used for navigation pot on the left side of the LCD Screen ? ANY HELP will be appreciated !!!! Respect
  4. It will work but LIMITED CONTROL OVER UNIT!!!!! Very limited i'd say . Therefore stay away and get MK2 . I use to have MK2 with HD100 Valve head . good controller ! RESPECT!
  5. Hi ! Yes Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Red Limited Edition is what i have been using for the last 3 years now and compared to some of my mates Shure ,AKG , or Sennheiser i still haven't upgraded . Sound is very dynamic , very "real" and punchy so if something ain't broken Why fix it ? RESPECT !
  6. What ? Playing music through a Home Cinema System 5.1 ? You are kidding right ? Home cinema system is design to cooperate with 5.1 speaker configuration technology used in video making and movie making to give the watcher more like Cinema effect of wide stereo and surround effect . Hence the name -HOME CINEMA SYSTEM . No matter what you do any music played through Home cinema will sound like lollipop . Your answer is - Active (or passive with extra amp ) near field monitors-speakers for the beast REAL experience to hear the CD in the way they have mixed it in the studio. :) Hope this helps . RESPECT !
  7. Hi ! As answered above Yes you can assign every switch to control different parameters and functions. Also you can assign real time control to the expression pedal so you will have a huge variety of different set ups ! And it took me 3 weeks of lets say 1-2 hrs a day to fly through the menu in the HD500x. As everything else (even a different smartphone!) it's a quick process of learning how the basics work and then it will become just natural . Don't forget to download ADVANCED MANUAL and then you will learn all there is to learn in this unit to get the optimum max out of it ! Link here --- http://line6.com/data/6/0a06434c6fb051e03e8ab63dc/application/pdf/POD%20HD500X%20Advanced%20Guide%20-%20English%20(%20Rev%20A%20).pdf Hope this helps ! RESPECT !
  8. Yeah i agree also on this one . Doubt they will bring anything else to the market .Helix is the next step up from HD500X and simply there is no need for anything in between. Also a lot of people out there prefers the sound of HD500X over Helix so it's kinda difficult subject to discuss to start with . Yes better components inside and flash look of Helix makes it a desirable device but sound wise HD500X can deliver whatever you need really so ... And for those looking for more and more and more and more i suggest a Roland GR-20 Synth. :) Respect!
  9. Yup all above right. Around 5-8 mins fix . Depending on how good you are with the Phillips screwdriver . :) IF this indeed is a cable not plugged in to the main circuit board then undo all the screws ( leaving two in the middle done up cos they only hold the inside reinforcement bar ) then locate the TAPE style looking wire and reconnect to the main board. Make sure you lick the metal water tap before the job to get rid of the static electricity from your body .STATIC can easily damage the CPU's and other components !!! Try not touching the inside elements as well ! JOB DONE!!! Respect
  10. Stealing ? C MON!!!!!!! A Bit of PRIDE and HONOR guys !!! Respect!
  11. Yes it's all correct . Screen was upgraded to a higher resolution and its also brighter. The HD Pro SHARC ADSP-21369 processor is running at approximately 333mhz, and the X variant supposedly runs at 400mhz, so that’s about a 20% increase in DSP power !!!! You think it's not a lot ? think again! Imagine something already SUPERB and wack a TURBOCHARGER to it and what do you get ? A BEAST !!!!! This 20% gives more freedom and peace of mind running split signal with two amps . I will also mention that i have never ever seen the famous - PROCESSOR POWER LIMIT or whatever they call it - screen in my life ! :) Hope this helps . Respect !
  12. No it's not a stupid question . Guitar will always be a very important and fundamental part of the sound . Try plugging one of the Chinese inventions you can get on Ebay for around $60 -$80 and you will quickly learn that this so called "guitar " its simply impossible to play . :) Noise , humming ,buzzing , flat as a pancake sound , out of tune , fret noise , no sustain , no low end ,noisy pots , pick ups picking up a local radio stations just a disaster ! Now use the same amp and plug in mid range Squier by Fender or any other instrument well made with decent pups and well put electronics together with quality pots and shielding . You will discover a whole new world and probably be even able to turn the volume up a bit !!!!! So all in all YES the guitar also makes a difference :)
  13. I use Audio Technica Studio Monitor Headphones ATH-M50 for the last 3 years . Still puts a smile on my face when playing EZ Drummer with a Bass guitar mix through these and just so gorgeous for guitar !! Distorted sound still remains punchy and clear at low end and clean sound with little delay and compressor sounds like Pink Floyd tone without messing with any effects !! ! They aren't the cheapest ones out there but i can recommend all day long . Ohhhh . and yes be careful when adjusting the volume cos those are very loud ! Too loud really but down the volume a bit and your brain will be in heaven :) RESPECT!
  14. Hi. Firstly there is no" Metal Pack Model Pack "available out there. If you buy "HD Metal Pack " then you will be getting a new models that will install to your HD unit . Amps as follow : Peavey® 5150® (Block logo) Bogner® Shiva Remastered Marshall® JCM800 (Model 2204) Line 6 Insane Line 6 Big Bottom Line 6 Variac'ed Plexi Line 6 Purge Line 6 Aggro Line 6 Smash Line 6 Octone And yes you will be able to edit /tweak /do whatever with those amps in the same manner as you are editing the existing amps in the Edit mode on your PC/Laptop. And the difference between the stock JCM 800 to the Remastered one that comes with the HD Metal Pack is that they actually Remastered the JCM 800 sound and based this on model 2204 . Marshall made few models of JCM 800 like 2203,2204,2205,2210,4210 and 2204 was actually the one that sounded the best so they decided to go for this model as an upgrade. Hope this helps :) RESPECT!
  15. And again some will say ...... Yeah but ya know its the pick ups that will make the change ..... others will say yeah but its the wood that matters the most , others will say well its the thick coat of polly cellulose lacquer that gives me this extra shine ,some say its the cables !!!!some say its the magic ts 808 that came out of space , others will speak about the cabs for weeks , others will talk about the amps for months and some say that good guitarist will play any old lollipop and it will still sound awesome !!! we can talk and argue and yap yap and be stuck here for eternity !!!!!!!!!! LOL And to those all arguing about all those details i have a statement to announce !!! I AM TO REVEAL THE TRUTH OF THE MUSIC INDUSTRY SUCCESS TO ALL OF YA OUT THERE FOR FREE !!!!!!!!I HERE ME NOW!!!!! Its ALL down to the breakfast !!!!I Trust me on this !!! If you have a gig to play at 10 PM and you haven't had any food during the day including breakfast then you will sound 100% worst than the dude next to ya who had a full breakfast and few more snack during the day !!!! LOL :) TELL ME I AM WRONG !!!!!!!!!! :) RESPECT!
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