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  1. Thank you for sharing. I use a mini amp gizmo by RJMMusic that works really well too!
  2. Have you rigged up your set up as you explained above? I pretty much have the same situation. I'm thinking I'm going to get a Mini Amp Gizmo because running all the cables to switch all the options on the Mark would be at least 3 more cables. Any feedback on your experiences would be awesome.
  3. Of course you can, thanks a bunch for you information and forgive my ignorance. I didn't realize that I could only utilize channel switching (relay) functions with the EXT AMP jack on the Helix. If I cannot use EXT 2 or EXT 3 for this then it seems my only option is a Mini Amp Gizmo type of hardware. In which case, my POD HD500X can accomplish the same thing. Any input or advice is appreciated. I could also just keep the original Mark foot switch along side the Helix and connect using the 4-cable method, right?
  4. Thanks, Cool so it seems like I can use a TRS cable into Helix and split it with an adaptor into channed 2 and 3 on the back of the Mark. Then use EXT2 and EXT3 on the helix to plug into the back of the Mark for solo boost and EQ boost. Looking forward to using Helix a hub for my rig. I also do many gigs where I have to be directly connected to the mixer so I'm planning to have separate set lists for each type of set up.
  5. My apologies in advance if this is redundant. I too have a Boogie Mark V and am very interested in knowing if I can control it with a Helix floorboard (as opposed to the rack mount unit). The amp has three channels, a solo boost and an eq boost. It has 1/4" external switch outs on the back for channel 2, 3, solo boost and eq boost. I'm assuming channel 1 is on by default when channel 2 and 3 aren't switched on. Can I used helix's EXP2, EXT 3, EXT AMP and/or CV to switch all of these on and off? Can I use a TRS cable with EXT AMP to switch 2 of the channels if CV isn't an option?
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