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  1. Thanks for your advice guys it is really helpful. I've taken the plunge and bought an HD300 second hand to try out so we'll see how it goes.
  2. Hi there, I'm sure someone has asked this before but I can't find it. I have been using my Pod XT Live for several years now and apart from a few niggles I'm very happy with it. I am particularly happy with the tones and have got used to finding the sounds I want quickly. My two questions are: Can I import tones from my XT to an HD should I invest in one? Is the HD as easy to use as the XT. I found the XT challenging enough to start with (doesn't help being an old fart) but I'm worried and HD500 or 500X might be too complicated for me. I suspect I'd go for a HD300. Can anyone give me any useful help or advice? If you do you will have my eternal gratitude :D
  3. I have noticed recently when playing that in a certain position my expression pedal seems to have a dead spot. What's the best way to remedy this please?
  4. The carry handle/strap on my amp has come adrift. The nut holding it in place on one side has worked itself loose and is now inside my amp. The handle is now useless. In order to repair it I need to get inside but don't know the easiest way to do it. Can anyone offer any help/advice please? :)
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