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  1. Hi there Realzap, I tried that as well. I wound up bringing the amp back. The store even tried to get it to work with no luck.
  2. Hey guys, I got my new m-audio uno interface. Added latest drivers to both my windows 7 laptop and my mac. Still zero midi lights on the interface and Monkey still does not see the amp. This is very disheartening. I think I am going to have to return the amp. Anyway here is what midi logger shows when Monkey tries to find devices. I have tried 3 cables and two computers. F0 7E 7F 06 02 00 01 0C 08 00 06 00 00 00 00 00 F7
  3. Is there a rock solid procedure to do this firmware upgrade with the m-audio uno adapter? I would rather not waste hours doing it incorrectly. lol I have a mac running 10.6.8 or a windows 7 laptop I can use. If there are procedures for both that would be great, my new adapter should be on my stoop when I get home. :) Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks for the input innovine. I have the m-audio uno cable on order and I should have it tomorrow. If it does not work on my windows 7 laptop or mac I will have to return the amp.
  5. Thanks again. I doubled checked all of that. No lights on the midi end. I am just worried the midi ports are no good on the amp. I am going to drag the amp upstairs and hook it up to my mac. Maybe the midilogger will see something.
  6. Hi Gary, Thanks for the reply. Did your Hosa show lights on the midi end? Monkey does not even see the amp.
  7. Hi to all , I just purchased a DT25 head and I am trying to connect it to Monkey to see what firmware I have. I first tried using a cheap Chinese ebay cable and I was getting no lights on the midi side. I went out today and bought a hosa midi to usb converter and I am having the same issue. No lights on the Midi side, just on the usb side. I connected Midi in of converter to Midi out on the amp and vice versa for the Out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.
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