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  1. Yeah I have a HD Pro. I only realized that 2.6 was not available once I went to update. I'm pretty disappointed. It might be the final nail for me...
  2. TOTALLY converted over here. I've had an HD Pro since the day it came out in Canada. It's pretty darn sweet. It's not really comparable to a tube amp though.. nore do I want it to be. It IS an extremely powerful tool for guitarists / bassists / producers, that is pretty easy to use. AND extremely affordable. I have never been more productive as a musician / producer since I grabbed the HD. Sweet box. Highly recommend it! Cheers! Bunn
  3. Some thoughts that I never run across on here. I'm thinking to submit to Idea Scale but wonder if anybody even cares about this stuff. It all seems great to me, but I am only one. Any feedback? 1. Interface A touch screen interface might be sweet. Ditch most knobs other than 2 channel levels, and a master level output knob. Incorporate the parameter and control philosophy currently found in the Amplifi iOS remote control directly into the unit 2. Amp & Cab Blocks Separate them. Give the cabs their own block, and incorporate a super transparent, post mic, 4 band parametric EQ with parameters in Hz and dB. 3. Thru Patching (between Amp and Cab blocks) A - Allow the amp block to patch out to power amp & live cab, while still feeding the cab sim for a line out to FOH / recording input. B - Allow a real life tube amp to be patched into the cab block with load correction to play "real" amps through the cab sims. 4. Metering Block A block that can be placed into any point of the chain to monitor in / out between blocks. Not to stay live in the chain, just for technical monitoring / parameter adjustment. Obviously, as many have discussed; more amp models (bass especially), higher fidelity / better dynamics in all of the models, and an IR loader should be standard. I own a HD Pro, have used it for tons and tons of gigs as both a guitar and bass player. As well I have tracked heaps of records with it. I will probably never go back to the traditional amp system. Through using this unit It has shown amazing promise, but it for sure needs to evolve. That's all for now Cheers Scott
  4. Hi Guys, Wondering if any of the knobs for sale in the "Parts & Acessories" store fit the data knobs below the screen of the POD HD PRO? https://www.globalfulfillment.net/gfsnet/line6/10Browse.aspx Cheers! Scott
  5. Charlie, I love those odds. Hahaa! Guessing it's either MIPS or ARM architecture. And the device is pretty basic. Might be an interesting project at the very least.
  6. Hahaaaa! So curious!
  7. Just a thought. Is it possible to hack the firmware? Has anyone tried? In the camera world Magic Lantern wrote a firmware for the Canon 5D to shoot RAW 4k. Maybe we don't have to wait for Line 6... Or at least help em out.
  8. Any word on a firmware update that may be brewing? The HD 500 / Pro units must have more potential in them. If an Positive Grid can make an iPhone sound as amazing as it does, can't dedicated hardware go so much further? I have an HD Pro, it sounds pretty decent. But there are so many software changes that could really make it shine.
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