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  1. Boss's SY-300 does polyphonic pitch tracking, with more involved synthesis. Their pitch shifting pedal algorithms may have a bit of warble, but they hit the notes and have sound musical. It doesn't glitch the way the Helix does where it jumps back and forth between notes. I could be wrong about Eventide, but do the Harmonizer racks struggle with pitchshifting? I feel like I've heard useable pitch shifting in their early rack units.
  2. When I went to the booth at NAMM, I asked about the pitch tracking, and the guy I talked to said "that's really hard." It was a disappointing answer, I'm really curious about the less CPU intensive pitch tracking mentioned in the posts surrounding this next update and whether it improves the polyphonic tracking. I'm less interested in the synth sounds than the pitch shifting. Synth sounds from a lot of the guitar pedals are a bit too rigid and cheesy to use. Polyphonic tracking is something Boss, EHX, Eventide, iPhone apps and more have been able to do well. I don't know what the hold up is, but this is the only additional feature that I've been actively bothered by with the Helix. Needless to say, I'm still enjoying the lollipop out of my Helix and just last night was up until 1am showing it off to a friend. So I don't want to be all negative.
  3. Every synth geek that has ever wanted to run their synth through their guitar pedals but hates rerouting the cables constantly will love this plug in. I have a rather set it and forget it set up where everything is always hooked up to my soundcard, so I've found myself not running my synths and drum machines through my guitar pedals/helix because it is such a hassle. That will change drastically now. Reamping synths is going to be great too. Line 6 should really push to connect the dots to the synth market with this.
  4. Posting this photo from NAMM. I didn't see the 4 OSC Generator on the floor models so I'm not sure what that's like. From what it was described as to me, I'd assume it's for lusher padlike synth sounds. I asked about the new pitch shifters being polyphonic. There seemed to be the same "it's hard to do and it's on the list response" though when I played with them it seemed less warbley than usual when I played chords but it was hard to tell with all the noise in the room. So it all could be in my head. So question for digital igloo is: did the handling of polyphony improve in this updated pitch shifter or am I crazy?
  5. Polyphonic Pitch shifting is the biggest one I'm missing. Also some better synth effects. The filter section on the 3 OSC synth is a bit underwhelming. I'd rather just have a clean oscillator synth sounds, and I can run it through the other filters on the Helix in sequence. If those could be polyphonic that would be amazing too, but I have a feeling that's too big of a CPU suck. Here's one we could probably program with footswitches and some trickiness. MWFX Judder Pedal and Glitch pedals
  6. My assumption would be that if you do two identical chains in parallel with the only difference being that there are the wahs or filters with high resonance on each channel are slightly offset from each other in frequency. Because a formant is usually made up of two "peaks" in the eq that simulate the peaks in the human voice. That should get you in the ball park.
  7. I'm trying to send midi notes and a midi clock through USB to the helix hoping that I can use the midi thru port to control my Moog Mother 32 synth. When I set everything up in logic, the midi is going out to the helix via USB, but it's not coming out the midi thru. I've tried setting things up every which way, but I can control my Moog through that midi port. I'm assuming this is expected behavior and the midi thru isn't supposed to pass that midi data from the USB. Am I doing something wrong? Or is this expected behavior?
  8. Another question: Coming from a synthesizer background I see a lot of value of having modulation in the forms of LFO/Envelopes/Oscilators/Noise Signals/ect. I know these sort of things often scare guitarists despite being building blocks in a lot of their favorite effects. Is there any plans to have modulators like that, which can be routed to any parameter, which would effectively allow people to make their own effects? For example, if I would like a vibrato that is less cyclical and more random. On a synth, I'd set a random LFO with some slew, and route it toward pitch, and it would drift like a tape that was left out in the sun too long. You could do the same routing an LFO to delay time, causing the pitch to drift due to the doppler effect.
  9. That makes my day. Also two thumbs up for calling out Autolux, they don't get enough love.
  10. I'm curious about the Helix, but I'm definitely not in the demographic of these demos sound wise. All the classic rock, lead solo sounds, and metal sounds seem to be there. I'm wondering if there is or can be a demo that incorporates some Shoegaze/Dream Pop type guitar sounds like Beach House/My Blood Valentine/Slowdive, some fuzz sounds like St. Vincent, or some rawer rock sounds like Nirvana/The Pixies. The more traditional guitar playing is fine and good, but I'm more curious about how weird this thing gets. The modular signal path is really exciting for someone like me who is used to synthesizers flexibility, and I see a lot of potential to get weird with this thing but short of waiting until this comes out, there's not really a good way to get a read on how weird this can get. This video from Adrian Belew has some of the type of guitar work I'm thinking about:
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