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  1. Yeah thanks. I started with an Harley Benton Dual Looper https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_dual_looper.htm Then later I got me a Boss RC-3 If I'd looked more carefully the first Time I might have gone for the Nux clone instead of the Dual, though now I have it I can utilise some of the quirky Speed and Reverse things it can do on the fly. I'm finding it useful to have loopers at the beginning and the end of the FX chain. As for the Firehawk Looper afterthought. I thought I'd try and see if I' had missed something when it came to sussing out the controls, but NO. They went and left out perhaps the most basic function i.e. Erase last loop on the fly ... Duh! I get that they'd rather one bought the Helix if one wanted or need higher functions but that one is a basic one in my opinion. As I really only got the Firehawk for a bit of a Variax companion, I didn't want an all-singing all-dancing super-multi. I can see now though the attraction of multiple loops on the back of a multi like the helix; having tried a number of different setup paths already. For Variax use I've put my whole board in the FH FX Loop but for conventional guitars I prefer OD/Dist (maybe a little mono Mod) out front with Mods and Delays in the FH Loop ) Lightbulb moment!!! Maybe I can bring the FH o/p back in halfway up my Switcher cos it has two Loop Groups (Joyo/Harley Benton FLX8 Pro. I'll have to see if the Loop Group 2 input merges or cuts off the signal from Loop Group 1. While the FH's Gain FXs capture the character of their originals quite well I feel that their tones are a little too brittle most of the time, so I really want to get my nice analogue pedals working up front. Variax put the spanner in the works if I want to power/control it from the FH. Enough rambling....for now :rolleyes: Worth it for the Lightbulb Moment though I reckon. (For ME anyways ;) )
  2. I just made this little video to show the mod. I might as well share it. Others will be having the same trouble. I called it a membrane switch but this membrane is to a normal membrane switch as Rhino hide is to skin... :P Hope that helps Koz P.S. Dome switch is probably a more accurate description. Going by the mechanical resistance of the thing. Haven't peeked inside yet ... ( If it ain't broke, don't fix it" innit )
  3. I'm getting floor noise from my overdrive pedals when they're in the Firehawk Send/Return Loop but with the FX Loop switched off by an assigned footswitch. It would appear that the F# switch only stops the Send. The Return remains hot. Currently the only way I can have this configuration AND no noise is to go to the pedal in question and switch it off there. Now normally I would have these OD pedals before the FH input but I would like to put my Variax sound through the external OD pedals. I suppose I could always run two cables; both Jack and VDI, then rig something to switch the Jack line Off when the external OD is not required. I'm new to both the Variax and the Firehawk. I got the Variax about a month ago then the Firehawk last week. I'm loving the combination of the two. Headphone sound is great, has "character" that at first I thought was a bit "false" then I compared the tone with my Firehawk>Tube Amp with my ear right up to (down by?) the speaker grille. And there it was, the right-up-close, bang-in-your-face sound that the headphones were giving me. Dragging myself back on track, or trying to; I wondered if there were something I've overlooked as regards bypassing the Return in Loop Off mode? Some little backroom tweak perhaps? All I've seen so far are the S/R Levels, Mix, FX Loop On/Off and positioning in the App. I haven't seen anything that specifies FX Return being turned off. Or maybe it's a thing to put in a "Line 6 Ideas" request? Ideascale and all that.
  4. From what I'm learning of the Firehawk, what happens when you switch FX Loop Off is that the Send signal Only is stopped. It's not bypassed like you would get on a true-bypass pedal. Now, if you're in 4CM configuration you can't turn FX Loop off and still get a signal sent to the amp because in that Config the FX Loop isn't just for FX any more, it's part of the main route for the signal. The music playback thing is because the Firehawk is deliberately designed to NOT send the music signal to your Amp. It will always send the music to the "other" output. By "other" I mean as set by the Line/Amp switch between the XLR and the 1/4" output jacks on the back of the unit.
  5. I'm the same. Mine requires a hell of a force to work the switch. Had to put nearly all my weight on it standing up and I'm 82.5kg . I started to file the rubber stops down but I decided to turn the problem upside down. Instead of filing the rubber stops down I built the switch up. Same effect in the end. I made a little flat disc of plastic from an old membership card. There's a cut-out in the case where the switch shows through. I dropped the disc in that hole and put some reinforced tape on there to hold it in place. A dab of contact glue would work as well. If the switch ever eases and requires less force on it then the disc can easily be removed or replaced with a thinner one. Conversely if one layer of plastic/credit card doesn't ease it enough then try two layers.
  6. Another FireHawk Looper Question, OK two questions... I've figured how the Rec, Play, Stop, Clear All work but is there a Clear Last function ? Quite often when building up loops you get a bum take and would like to Erase or Undo that and go again over the other Previous layers. Can the present incarnation of the FireHawk firmware do that? It's not the end of the world for me if it doesn't as I have other looping options, but it would be useful to know. How much Loop Time is available ?
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