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  1. HX Stomp 3.01, Favorites won't load because of "DSP Overload", although I can load the exact same effects/amps if I don't try to add them from the favorites. It happens even on empty presets, so I really have a hard time believing it is actually because of DSP overload. Here's a video that shows the problem.
  2. These two would also be awesome! More Sludgy amps like Sunn Model T's, V4 etc. Bring the "Bronze Master" (Maestro Brassmaster) to Helix (It's already in older Line 6 units)
  3. It doesn't seem like it's been shared here before, so I'll share it! Make all delays go down to 0ms, especially the Cosmos Echo so it's possible to use it as modulation.
  4. Yeah, or kind of, I thought it's better than nothing. My IdeaScale account hasn't been accepted and I got impatient.. But thanks!
  5. I have three wishes for now. In order of importance for me. 1. I'd REALLY REALLY wish for the Cosmos Echo to be able to go down to 0 MS instead of 150 so it would be possible to use it as modulation. That would be so cool. I've been looking for a pedal that can do that thing well, but it's pretty much only the Generation Loss that I find that I think does it well enough on demos I've seen, but the Cosmos Echo does it great too, the way I want it too, but I cannot use it without latency, which sucks. It has to be pretty simple to change that, right? 2. Maestro Brassmaster fuzz! My old UX2 with GearBox has the "Bronzemaster", which is really cool! I wish they added that one, or a new version of it to Helix! I still plug in my UX2 just to get that effect on recordings sometimes. 3. Sunn Model T amp model (Both Original and Reissue)
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