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  1. I didn’t think to mention it because I didn’t realize that was a factor. Now that you explained it though it totally makes sense. Thanks for the explanation! :^)
  2. I've been doing some experimenting and it seems it's the adding of the parallel path that does it. The eq block is on the same path as the amp, but the delay is on a parallel path. I'm not sure how to measure it to provide proof, but I've had multiple people other than myself listen to it and everyone hears it. When I delete the delay bock (and subsequently the parallel path), the overall volume drops. Just weird, lol.
  3. Anyone notice that bypassed effects still add a db boost? My lead patch is a copy of my rhythm patch, just with added delay and eq block for a boost to mids and slight db boost. I noticed that when I bypassed (turned off) the eq and delay, the patch was still noticeably louder. So I removed the eq and delay blocks, then the patch was the same volume as the rhythm patch. When I added the blocks back, even though they were disabled there was a slight db boost. Anyone know why this is?
  4. The 12" woofer is only 80 watts. The other 40 watts is attributed to the tweeter for a total of 120 watts per side.
  5. Maybe a tiered approach? Have a static pack you offer for one price and then a superpack w/lifetime updates for another price? Don't let yourself get cut short just because of other people's expectations. You do awesome work and should be properly compensated for the time you put into it!
  6. I run into the Aux In on my new Spider V 240 and it sounds great!!! I run a LiveWire dual mono 1/4" to stereo 1/8" cable and it works like a charm. I have an Alto TS210 as well and like the Spider much better. The Alto is way too boomy and bassy. The Spider sounds great and gives more of a guitar amp 'feel' to the tone. It would've been nice if they could have made it a 1/4" Aux In, but whatever. And now I can use the Spider as my backup if needed due to the stereo XLR outs. Personally, I think using the Helix in conjunction with the Spider V is one of Line 6's unintended best kept secrets!
  7. I remember the free ones you did for the AmpliFire and they were great!! I ended up buying the full superpack but now I use the Helix and got rid of the AA3. When everything's ready I'll definitely pick this up. As the patches/IR's get updated over time, can we re-download to get the new stuff or separate purchase?
  8. This forum rocks, you all are a ton of help. I went and bought a speaker stand today and will try it out! My only question at that point would be live use as I would still want to use it as a monitor. For that, dial back the bass with the global EQ?
  9. I tried it and did not like it. To my ears it sounds better with Contour off. This speaker would be perfect if it had a simple eq on it to dial back the bass. My worry is if I dial back the bass on my patches than it'll sound thin when going to FOH.
  10. Hi All, I just got my Helix LT about a week ago and have been going through FRFR solutions. I have a little, 150 watt Phonic PA head going into two 10" 2-way speakers for dialing in tones and practicing at home. I just bought an Alto TS210 to use for live gigs based on reviews and recommendations on the web and in this forum. I was using it as a floor monitor and found it to be way heavy on bass. To compare, my two 10" 2-way speakers also sit on the floor as monitors and are nowhere near that boomy. Considering the TS210 has no eq, how do you all deal with the heavy bass out of this thing for live gigs? It's almost like I would need doubles of my patches; one for practicing and another for live use? Any thoughts or tips from others who use this speaker? Thanks for any help you can give :)
  11. I'm still experimenting with the Panama and was just wondering what tips you guys had to cut down on the noise? I see how a lot of people are either fine with or hate the amp model, but not a lot of suggestions on how to tame the beast. I just joined up with an 80's metal cover band and other than all the noise, that amp model is perfect! Some things I've tried is changing the cab model to the Blackback 30 4x12, changing the mic to the 67, and running the noise suppressor at 50~55% with Decay at 0%. Still get a ton of noise though as soon as I touch the strings. The amp gain is at 78 (which is PLENTY on this model) and I've got the presence and treble both at 80%. If I bring them down any more it's too dark for my setup, any thoughts?
  12. I'm having the EXACT same issue with my HD500. If anyone has ANY input on this PLEASE HELP US!!! Oh yeah, I have a support ticket open for this currently as well. So if they get back to me before hand I'll post what their reply is.
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