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  1. HX Effects Bugs: - The LFO of the Bleat Chop Trem and the Legacy Pattern Trem ist not re-syncable! By the way I think the Bleat Chop Trem is not in time... :wacko: - I cannot assign the time to an my expression pedal when time is divisible via tap footswitch
  2. Hi, unfortunately I have to sale my brand-new Helix because I am caught in a financial predicament. If you are interested send a message to: leider muss ich meinen funkelnagelneuen Helix wieder verkaufen. :( Interessenten melden sich unter oben stehender email Adresse....
  3. Hi, Is there a in-depth-description of the FX-parameters? The accordingly M13-manual is not really compliant. Thanks
  4. I assigned the Level-parameter of the Output-Block to a footswitch and named it "Level-Boost"
  5. Thanks, that helps! Unfortunately my presets are lost... and my confidence is gone! When will this happen next time? Maybe during a gig? I'm rather unsettled if I should keep the Helix, although I like many of the amp-sounds...
  6. Hey guys! HELP! 😩 My Helix (1.02.2) do not start/boot anymore! When I turn it on, only the LEDs are lighty shimmering (Black Screen) and nothing happens when I press any button. Any ideas? I Hope you can help me!
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