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  1. Please I need help! I want to send the poly Sustain to Send L that goes to another HX stomp where I've created some harmonizing effects like an Hammond. When I press the Switch for the Poly sustain block I need to have Dry volume set to zero but in the options there isn't the MIX control.... I've tried to use the Split options or to use a Volume pedal set to 0% before Poly sustain but when I activate the blocks the volume is very low because the Attack can't be set under 100ms. Any ideas???
  2. In poly sustain there isn't a chance to have a wet/dry regulation? By the download information it appears to be only an effect level parameter but can't I have a dry level sets to zero? I would need to have a signal with wet 100% dry 0% on a separate path... Can you confirm me that?
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