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  1. Just how long did it take for the expansion packs to finally become available? The fact that it was given a limited amount of memory that is insufficient for you to use all of the FX slots is annoying because you have to make sacrifices for what you're trying to achieve because you get DSP overflow. I've had it for a long time now so a lot of the things that I was miffed about have kind of been forgotten, and I do still use it, and it doesn't sound bad. But there are just things about it that I feel shouldn't be issues but are...the bug i've posted about as an example, that bug has been there for like 2 years, and it's never been fixed...why not? why not put in enough memory to run the effects chain you want to run?
  2. on a side note though, recording a mic through the POD is pretty disappointing even with a really good condenser.
  3. Well that sucks. I Imagine it's a really simple fix as well at their end. The HD is from the generation of Line 6 products that were sub-par so I'm not surprised.
  4. You need 2 regular XLR, Female end plugs into the Mic, Male end plugs into PHP1 Input (not Male to Male). on lead 2 Female plugs into output and male end into input of the pod.
  5. Mic > XLR > Phantom Power > XLR > POD. Make sure the phantom power is on, and if there is a gain control on the phantom power unit that it's turned up a little, there is also a little black gain control Between the Mic input and the SPDIF out on the pod, you may need to adjust that. Also, you need to go into the Input settings (I/O) of the pod, using the software (it's top left) or on the unit and adjust the input to pick up from the Mic input.
  6. Hi, Whenever I adjust certain settings on the pod, the little bar thing adjusts up and down but I don't get numbers to show the amounts. Things like Gain/Distorion on the pedals work, but the Low Cut on the amp settings does not show me the frequency and there are various other controls that don't show a number when adjusting the control, it just shows the bar going up and down. It used to show it ages ago, but for a long time now it's not visible. Is there a fix? Anyone else experienced this?
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