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  1. You can sort of if you assign slow speed, fast/slow switch and fast speed all to exp. - the difficulty is matching slow exit speed with lowest range of fast speed. Real shame they didn't add the range of exp pedal the effect change happens over. I've been used to see specifying one thing over the first say 1/4 travel then something else over last 3/4s or whatever. Here you're stuck with only being able to assign to the full travel of the pedal and tgats really very restricting
  2. Damn - thought as much. Thanks for replying. My compromise is assigning fast speed to another switch which alternates the fast speed between 0 and 5.3 (original value). As it's on fast mode when it turns on it sort of simulated going to slow (not quite slow enough but it works) and it does the change smooth enough. First patch build and it's got quite complicated running dual amps and cabs (a 1x15 and 4x10) to simulate SRV Morcambo rig but added dimension d simulation for Bowie era stuff and the vibratone (on one amp only like he did). Fun lol!
  3. So I've come from vg99 which spoilt me for control assignments - what I'm trying to do is have the rotary turn on and spin up to fast as it's turned on - tgats easy no problem but I also want to have a separate switch to control fast slow when it's on which means assigning the speed switch to 2 different controls. I want it this way cos I like the rotary spinning up effect rather than it turning on at full tilt. Is there any way of doing it?
  4. I am discovering rapidly this^^^^^ I was underwhelmed by the presets but last night started digging and dialing - bizarrely I plugged a fender Esquire in I'd picked up for my uncle and got one helluva tone after top and tailing the cabs with low/high cut, dialing down presence and actually - I really like the Who Watt amp btw. Problem is I've never played half the amps available and so the whole, modelled exactly thing starts to become troublesome if the real life amp needs a specific coaxing to get the tone, so the Helix needs the same treatment. I was hoping to get away from the rabbit hole thing having come from a VG99 - I've not touched a real amp for, well, for 20 years? (I know!). Anyway, having been a bit luke warm with the Helix I'm rapidly coming round to it - and once I get to know it better it'll be a full blown affair for sure :-)
  5. Old thread resurrection. Having just purchased a Helix I'd agree about the bass heavy bit - I'd been using Bias FX and VG99 (separately) before that - it's like the loudness button is permanently on. Shifting mic placement helps but obviously rounds out the whole sound - is the mic on or off axis? All the amp models have a irritating bass flub (like somethings clipping in the chain) irrespective of whether it's Ibanez or Vigier via 1/4" or JTV 69 via VDI (which also has a big difference in levels between modelled and pick up sounds). I can't find any level meters to check the signal level in the chain (spoilt with my old VG99 - you could check anywhere in either chain). I have the input pad on. Running 2.54 firmware and only monitoring on AKG K550 at mo. I'd say at the moment I'm a bit luke warm with it...that said it's probably just a question of bedding in period, took a long while to get where I wanted with VG99 that's for sure. Looking forward to getting in a loud space to crank and play
  6. Katana will get you close but not as good as frfr using it's acoustic channel and still have 'normal' guitar dirt stuff - check YouTube for examples of acoustic through katana - usable (ish)
  7. OP if you're a 69 user I just got one and I noticed the trem springs effect on the acoustic sound. They give a mild early reflection reverb which add brightness - all part of the strats characteristic tone but no place on a Les Paul. I've ordered a set of noiseless trem springs - they're dampened to prevent the reverb effect (essentially you've got an acoustic spring reverb bolted in your guitar lol!) so will report back but for a tenner they must be worth a shot. Bare in mind that the piezos are mechanically linked to the bridge which is mechanically linked to the springs so they will (I'm guessing anyway) pick up up that ghost early reflection effect. I have a gut feeling dampening may improve 12 string artifacts as well but won't know til they arrive. YMMV.....
  8. I just bought a JTV69 and a Helix is on the way. Previous VG99 owner and I loved being able to dictate the guitar model being used on patch by patch basis but hated tha GK3 wart powerful as the VG99 was. Anyways, one of the things I wanted the JTV for was the much better acoustic models but I'm wondering whether I made a mistake getting the 69 over the 59. I hadn't thought about the trem springs effect on the sound with them creating that early reflection reverb type thing and thinking further I noticed Sean invariably uses the 59 to demo acoustic sounds EDIT - actually that's not true, I see he's used 89 and 69 but I think the main acoustic demo is on a 59, sorry! Anyway I think the springs do add something I don't want and wasn't expecting/just didn't consider at the time. I've ordered some noiseless springs so we'll see what they do but curious if anyone else has tried acoustic on both types i.e. hardtail vs trem? I'm wondering whether to swap out the 69 for 59. I use the acoustic a fair bit. Interested to hear thoughts
  9. Ok - weird one this but in case anyone else gets caught out the problem was the RJ45 cable. Apparently there are 2 types: straight and crossover. You MUST use a straight RJ45 (the yellow marked ones are cross over type and as I discovered do not work) So....all fixed!
  10. Hi all - been a previous 700 electric and acoustic user and have just picked up a second hand JTV69. For some reason Workbench HD can't connect - it doesn't see the usb box or the guitar. Monkey detects the USB box fine and confirms latest firmware installed. I user a standard rj45 cable that came with the guitar. I've tried another PC but it's running the same verson of win 7 and also exhibits same behaviour. It's 64 bit btw if that makes any difference. I've tried latest HD and previous Work bench versions. Any thoughts? Going to take it into local shop and try to connect to Helix. I have a ticket in on it but just thought I'd ask here Update: the guitar will not enter factory reset mode (hold model knob down and plug in 1/4") - could it be older firmware?
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