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  1. yes that is true, but batteries live for years, so i don't think this is a real problem
  2. yes, the problem is that the active pickups needs the ground to wake up, and the stereo cable has the ground in a different position... I guess i can sidestep the problem adding something like this to my schecter, and "cut" the red one that should be muted (the right channel) so i can use the stereo cable, and keep this little cable plugged in my schecter during live, so i would not change the entire cable into the POD, what do you think should it works?
  3. Ok guys this is the situation: Bought a stereo cable, the Y output go into Guitar input and Aux input. Configured the patch for clean sound with two path, one with all the effects and modulation, and one with only reverb. Put the mixer at the end, everything is balanced to Center (so i go out through the L6Link into the amp) and everything seems to work fine...seems. there are few questions i want to do to people who tried or actually use this configuration: 1) the GLOBAL settings that say Input1: guitar, Input2: AUX sometime change to Input1: Guitar/aux/variax, Input2: none, don't know why, this happen especially when i link the pod via usb to mac, to use POD EDIT to change some patch, and i always need to set to the original values (is this a bug or what?) 2) another bug seems to be this: when i turn on the pod, sometimes the Right channel (piezo Path B doesn't sound, it is muted, all i need to do is going to the mixer into the chain, move the Right volume up and down a little bit, as soon i do this it works, then i can set to 0.00db again and store the patch... is this a bug? 3) unfortunately the stereo cable won't work with my schecter with active pickups (i thought it would use only the left channel of the cable in input1, on the contrary it doesn't work so i need to change to mono cable on the stage every time i change guitar, i'm looking for a stereo to mono adapter to solve this problem)
  4. thank you, i'll buy this stereo cable and do some test :)
  5. thank you for answering, take in mind that i don't actually need (maybe in the future) to have two separate outputs from the POD, i need to go with both signals in the same AMP through line6 link, so it is necessary to have full left and full right on the mixer?
  6. Hola guys, i'm very happy to announce that my dream rig is complete :D i finally bought my dreamin guitar MusicMan Majesty 2017 Polar Noir :wub: The guitar has stereo Output for magnetic pickup on Left channel, and Acoustic Piezo on the Right channel. I also can choose to use in mono, as i'm doing in this tests, in this case i feed the Patch on the POD HD500X with the mix of mag and piezo sounds both mixed on the L channel of the cable. This is ok, but if I use a patch for a clean that has a lot of modulations effect, like mine for the clean has Flanger, reverb, little delay, pitch +12 on the pedal volume, chorus if i want etc. etc. is not so pretty to have all this effects on the piezo sound. The piezo sounds really acoustic when is dry, with reverb only, this is my opinion, flanger or chorus modulate the piezo sounds sounding like magnetic... So what i would like to do is to use a stereo patch cord that from my guitar (1 output stereo) goes into the pod, splitting the cable at the end, so the left channel will goes into the guitar input (magnetic) and the right channel into the AUX input for the piezo. Then i will configure my guitar to send stereo signal (so two different channels). Starting from the point that i don't really know if there is a stereo cord that starts with 1 stereo jack and ends with two mono jacks, my help request is on how to configure the pod. Once i feed the pod with guitar and aux, i guess i should select in the input settings (for every patch? can't remember) that the input 2 is AUX (now is variax so it is muted) Then how do i manage two different path of the chain? should i use the mixer as the first effect of the chain? to separate L and R ? i'm confused on this. Thank you.
  7. Hi guys, I bought this amp with el844 tubes, and yesterday for the first time i retubed the amp with two matched el844 again. This because they seems to reach the breakpoints earlier and with lower volume compared to EL84 from electro harmonix. Anyway, i did not check the bias with the old tubes that i changed, i checked the bias after i mounted the new ones, and i get -12.7 and -13 (i guess we can consider this matched). I did not adjust the bias because i guess it is fully counterwise, so this is the max i can reach... The tubes are lighted as always and the sound (in my house so i cannot reach the break point) sounds great. What kind of values are you having you guys using JJ EL844 ? Thank you.
  8. Changed tubes, cannot bias because it showed me 1 on the tester... So i saw that also the tube protection fuse was died, changed it, biased. Works Very happy 😜😜👋ðŸ»ðŸ˜˜
  9. Hi guys, yesterday i was playing at home, in low volume mode. While i was writing an sms on my iPhone, the volume knob of the guitar was turned down, i started to hear a hum noise from the amp (like a power hum) for like 6 seconds or so, then a pop sound (not so loud honestly) then, no sound came out no more from the amp. I tried to turn it off and on again, tubes seems to be as always (as i can see) on and lighted, don't see any difference in luminance between them... Anyway the amp turns on normally, i can change all the parameters, class, triode, voicing, everything seems to be normal except the sound that is not coming out. I bought it used 4 months ago and these tubes are on for a year i guess, could this be a problem caused by old/died tube/s ? I have a pair of new tubes same model, but don't have a multimeter to check the bias voltage...but before changing the tubes i would like to calm down and assume that old tubes can cause this kind of problem. What do you guys think? Thank you.
  10. how can you switch so fast (A/B) from cable to G10 ? Every time i have to pullout the cable from the receiver, put in my guitar after removing the transmitter, it takes like 10 seconds to do... i would like to compare A/B fast switch... Anyway i guess that i can record via USB some riff in both ways and let you hear the differences, maybe this can be a more scientific test.
  11. i found this topic, it seems that is not important what impedance i use because the g10 receiver is an active buffering system http://line6.com/support/topic/21053-helix-input-impedance-with-g10-relay/
  12. if the pedal is uncalibrated it goes to heel position, but if the tuner isn't working it does not matter the pedal. If the guitar is ok and the cable is ok i guess the pod has something..
  13. my patch for lead is configured in this way. 1) expression pedal control eq, gain, volume, as much i press the pedal the much the sounds more liquid, highs becomes quiter and mids are gained. at the heel position the volume is not zero, is set to play on clean base track, when i goes down to toe position you can break trough all other instrument. 2) if you press the toe switch, the wha comes on 3) assigned to FS4 (closest switch to expression pedal) i turn off a pedal volume in the chain that is configured to have 85% volume, this means that in normal play (also toe position) the volume is high, the higher i can reach with the expression pedal, but in some heavy heavy part of some songs i need a super boost, thats why i turn off the 85% volume pedal configured and always on in the chain, so the patch comes out at 100% of the volume (of the chain not 100% of the amp) hope i explained it clear lol
  14. Thank you for answering No i did not try this yet, now i guess is set to AUTO as a global parameter, i don't really understood what this parameter is for, should i set to a particular value for the G10? Settin it to auto should "talks" automatically with another line6 device, anyway if you know what value to set i can try.
  15. Really nobody can hear the difference? really? I bought this G10 some days ago, really watching it for a while on website and youtube, everybody says that were no difference with the cable... this sounded to me really optimist, but i thought that technology now is better than 10 years ago..so i thought that maybe it would be possible.. Schecter guitar with active pickups-> relay g10 -> receiver-> cable (the same i used for playing with cable) -> POD HD500x -> L6 Link -> DT25 combo ok, the volume could change, we can have drop out etc, it is a wifi system, i accept that, but changing the color and the sound no.. I spent years to reach the perfect sound, i have patches on the pod saved on dropbox cause i'm afraid to lost that patches, but this is what i can hear as difference Clean sound -> not so much a difference, really, i cannot hear difference between cable/g10 Distorted Rhythm -> more highs with g10, a more fuzzy sound in general, less definition and less harmonics (no valves sounds at all, seems to be back at the pod with direct out) anyway the sound is creepy, and i'm afraid to change the parameters of the patch to try to "fine tune" the eq to obtain the same sound as before (cable) Solo patch -> i have a really dark sound for solo, cause i like to alternate picking with neck pickup and hear that petrucci effect like a keyboard, with g10 no mids at all, all my power to go through the other instruments playing disappear...i cannot pierce through other instruments... Anyway...i loved for years to have a wireless system, but i love more having the patches and the perfect sounds searched for years also, so i guess i'm coming back to cable and sell the g10 :(
  16. Hi Hoghntrpa and thank you for answering. I thought to wah too, but it wasn't. ALSO, having class A instead of A/B do not sound creepy, it's just that passage from patches that doesn't work, the patch itself (class A or Class A/B works fine) the problem seems to be switching between. Anyway, i guess that maybe the valves needs to be replaced, bought the amp used the guy said that the valves got 1 year old. I really don't know if these kind of problems can be related to old valves..the problem is that i am not able and i don't understand nothing of changing valves, so I think i'm searching for some service in the city to change them and maybe i can retry and see if the problem persist (also because i repeat, i always use that patches and i never had that problem) Marco.
  17. ok I have news. After wasting my afternoon trying to solve the problem i understood what is causing that and I avoided with a trick (but i'm not happy because it should work anyway) First try, tried to reflash the pod, wasting my entire afternoon because the reflash was interrupted (the message said disconnected device, but it was a fake message) and then i got my pod bricked with "updating flash" message and NO WAY to reflash back or reload in someway. Tried several ways, read all the forums with no apparently solutions, i really don't know how at the end I finally flashed the pod correctly. OK, now that is brand new, i loaded the bundle with all my presets into it. OK. now is time to try if the problem persist....and YES the problem was still there. I was pretty disconsolate because i thought that reflashing was the most "hard" way to get my situation back... I insisted with my test, i was pretty convinced that the problem was caused by some parameters that, going from that clean configuration going into that dist configuration, was not sent correctly or it was not so "fast" to load correctly.. So i tried to configured the A patch with the same voicing as the C (destination), no way. then i tried to use the pentode configuration in the clean and then switch to C (that was pentode) and NO WAY.. Last try, the class. Clean was class A and dist was Class A/B, so I configured the clean on class A/B, then switching to dist (patch C) the problem was not here anymore, the patch was loaded correctly... OK, HAPPY, but why? why i cannot switch between classes and mostly why BEFORE in these last three months it worked? Could this be caused by old valves?? thank you.
  18. Hi everyone, yesterday when trying to jam at home as always, i noticed a strange fact. Assuming that: I use a POD HD500x well configured and linked with L6Link with a DT25 combo This configuration was used in the last three months without problems I have not updated any patch on the pod in these months I played on stage last friday and the sounds were great (best had in my life ever) NOW, this is what is going to happen: I have always the same order on the patch between the banks: A - Clean B - Crunch C - Rythm (distorted) D - Solo and i am using three banks right now (cleans are different each others, so are the dist, crunch etc) so here is the problem i got yesterday and i was not able to solve: when i use Bank I - A (clean) and then i click on the C (dist) the sound sounds creepy, not my sound i configured, higher in volume and in "highs" so it's very terrible, if I click again C (the same patch) the sounds come as I saved (so i have to click two times the C to get my sounds, like not everything is passed to the amp at the first choice) This happen also when i pass from Bank III - A (clean) to Bank I - C (dist), so from a different clean i got the same problem. This problem is not happening when switching from D to C or from B to C or from another C on another bank, on the C on the Bank I. It seems to be the patch on the bank I - C that has problem... If i try only the amp, it works, if i try the pod with headphones it works, if i link the pod to amp and to headphones, on the amp i got the creepy sound and in the headphones i can hear the right sound. idk.... Anyway i tried to load the entire SETLIST on the pod i saved one month ago, when i load and keep linked the usb to my mac with POD HD Edit opened, it works, when i select Send setlist to POD, the error comes again... I noticed also that when i select this C patch on the screen of the POD HD Edit every piece of the chain is correctly load and also the bias parameter of the amp, and if i click again the C to get the correct sound nothing changes on the screen... (this means that is not a piece of chain that is not load at the first click). I don't know how to do, what should I do? I copied the patch that has problem to another bank in another letter, and got the same problem... Should i reset the pod entirely? It sounds more like a bug than a problem...what do you guys think? I'm sorry if i was long in describing but really don't know how to explain all this situation well... Thank you
  19. turn the amp on first, but in standby (no sound no problem) then pod, then link together, they will see each other, after the amp is warm enough you can turn the standby off and play.
  20. in fact i have an AES cable and never tried with a traditional xlr. What's the problem to spend 20$ for a cable for this kind of delicate 1000$ configuration?
  21. not over and over, i just own the DT, like 2 weeks ago. anyway to turn off i put the tuner on the pod (mute mode) put standby on on the dt, then remove the link and then power off the pod and then power off the dt. I read here that it is better to link them together then turn on the pod and then the DT, the reason i do my way is because the first thing that i put on is the DT to make it warm, then i proceed to mount the rest (i have a small house so i need to put everything back in the bag every time). But if is NECESSARY to do that procedure (link -> pod -> dt) i will do that way.
  22. HAHAHAHAHAHA o my god ahahhahaa i write something different but a corrector or an automatic moderation changed the word.. i meant, "or it is a lie" ?
  23. is it true that linking the pod with the DT with a MIDI cable, and then the pod to the PC/MAC via USB cable, the monkey will see the DT as a midi device? or it is a bulllollipop?
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