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  1. My procedure with L6 link is to turn on the amp, let it warm in standby mode. turn on the pod, select a patch that work with Pre only as amp simulator. link them together via L6 link, verifying that output mode auto switched to Combo power amp. at that point i turn off the standby mode and put it on the ON to play. is it right?
  2. I don't know if having an AES cable or not will affect the sound, i just spend 350€ for a POD and 500€ for a DT50 (both used) so i thought to be stupid to avoid buying a 20€ AES cable instead of a 5€ normal XLR. the DT25 have part of Digital intelligence of the POD inside, when you link the POD the DT will avoid to use his digital part and use the digital part of the POD, these digital processing are the same, the final stage is in charge to the analogic tubes. So if you find the exact digital configuration on the pod (sustain, pre simulation, eq or other) that is configured for the IV voicing (that is not known as i can see, maybe with a DT edit) you got the same sound. Example: rhythm patch for direct link (amp simulation, cab simulation, 3 mid eq, noise gate, compressor, reverb and maybe something else) rhythm patch for DT (same amp but only pre, cab simulation, no eq corrections, noise gate yes, maybe a compressor, and reverb) so the same patches configured for the DT need less adjustment (for me) to get a real tone and also eat less DSP, so you can fill the empty rings of the chain with other modulation or delay effects and assign to FS1, FS2 etc buttons, to have a more versatile sounds instead of having 4 almost-the-same patches
  3. Sure, AES Calbe and L6 Link. The strangest thing I understood is that choosing voicing III (for example) is not only for clean sounds, there are pre amp on POD like tread plate if i don't get wrong right now, that sound better in voicing III instead of IV. I think that this is the most important thing to understand, cause the amp considers voicing 1,2,3,4 as "amp" but, if you study about it is "only" a tube configuration. So voicing III on the amp is a pre simulation for clean that sounds great with the III configuration of tubes on the final. on the DT you cannot choose a pre amp simulation for hi gain and combining with a different tubes configurations outside of IV. BUT on the pod you can, and some PRE amp hi gain sounds better with III voicing configurations instead of IV that I find on same preamp "muddy". Don't know if my english is so good to let you understand what i mean :)
  4. hello there, i didn't forget about this post. I found really GREAT tones, if you understand how to configure and let talk together the machines, the tone you get is the same. i saved like 3 clean patches, 3 hi gain patches and 1 solo patch. Didn't post here yet because i would like to tune a little bit again, but i don't know when i'm going to bring the DT25 in the studio again. I can only say that on that day, i would never stop to play after two hours of tuning, I would have to pass all day playing with that great rhythm sounds... Now, that i'm using at home, it sounds different, even if i choose the low volume mode, the sounds is creepy, so i'm sad playing it at home...i cannot wait to bring again in the studio to fine tune these patches and play with it. Then i will wait for the Live on 22th december so for sure before that date, I do need to fine tune the patches.
  5. sorry for being late, the original questions is because the other guy in the band wanted to buy and amp with more than two channel (presets) so when i saw all that kind of customizations i supposed you could save and recall them, instead of assign one thing to chA and one to chB. Anyway all my doubts are solved now, because i bought for myself a DT25 combo, and i tried by myself what means switching voicing and channels. also, as asked by jmp22684, i'm using it (still understanding and creating patches) with my hd500x.
  6. good idea, tomorrow i'm going to try for my first time the dt25 combo with my 500x at band volume, in rehearsal room, 2 hours to test, tone, calibrate sounds and patches.. If i will find and save something interesting i will try to share.
  7. ok, so based on what you tell me, i have not a speaker like a keyboard or other FRFR speaker, so if i should buy something to have my own speaker on the stage..at this point it's better than i go for a dt50 don't I? i mean, i have nothing right now, in order to buy something that has a speaker, why don't go directly on the dt50 combo? at that point it would be easy to go into the PA without mic the amp thank to the direct output, it should be the easies way to do that, i don't trust on sound engineers who i find at live stage sometimes ehhehehe so for now we are at Hd500x directly into PA = 0 hd500x with some amp mic'ed or DT50 (best way) = 1 let's wait for other opinions
  8. hi everybody, i'm an happy owner of an HD500x, i use it at home with any speaker or with earphones, or in the studio for rehearsal plugged into the power amp of the head+cab that there is in the studio. So i don't own an amp. Now i'm approaching to go live with my band, and i have the possibility to but a DT50 to upgrade my rig, connecting them with line6 link, also i have to reprogram all the patches to "pre only". The real question is, is it enough a pod500x to go live? i don't know if i will find an amp there on the stage, and don't know what kind of amp will be (combo, head+cab) and if it will have the effects return input. the best case would be going in the power amp input of the amp i will find there or maybe going directly to PA with balanced outputs, BUT in this case i will have "less volume and feeling on the stage" ? also because i have another guitarist in the band with a small valve amp, so i'm afraid to not hear anything or hearing less my guitar... the second scenario is to buy a DT50, reprogramming the patch to have "pre only" on the amp simulation, using the l6 link to link together on the stage and then what? microphoning the amp to go into PA for the public? or does the DT50 have a balanced output to go into the PA directly avoiding me to mic the cabinet? what you guys think? thank you
  9. a midi footswitch is a "stupid" machine doesn't it? it has memory inside but not processing the sound or similar, the question is, without an LCD or something how to say to the DT if i press footswitch 1 activate hi gain + compressor + delay + reverb + eq ? how to program? every footswitch has an application that should be installed on a computer?
  10. Hi guys, I'm a happy owner of a POD HD500x, and for now i always play on cabinet linked to the power amp directly, or at home, on a PA. Yesterday i tried for the first time a DT50, really a beautiful machine. I know that linked to a POD I would have a lot of presets to recall, because they talk together, but my question is about using the amp without a POD. I saw that you have like 4 channels to use, but only two presets to "save" if you want to use a simple pedal switch (A/B). Now, if you won't use a POD liked to the amp, what is the best/cheap way to link a foot controller so you can "save" more presets? if a song have more sounds to use, like clean, hi gain and lead, what is the best way to do that? a midi footswitch? thank you so much. Marco
  11. OK thanks to your suggestion, i make it work with the POD. The solution is to set Am minor to exp1 heel position and Am Harmonic minor to toe position, using the Heel position for the first three chords and the toe position for the E chord. is not properly like the song but is work and is not out of tune :)
  12. I tried all the scales preset on the pod, the harmonic minor too. This is how the part is: GUITAR1: A A A B | G E | F F F G | E | GUITAR2: C C C D | C G | A A A E | G# | CHORDS: Am | C | F | E | I guess the problem is that for the second guitar, is making a C for a 3rd on the A, and a C for the G also and is not a 3rd no more.
  13. Hi guys, i'm a new happy owner of a POD HD500x, i'm pretty happy of the sounds that i'm configuring on it, really. Now i would like to configure a Smart Harmony for the Solo section of Buried alive, that is harmonized, but I guess is changing key during the part. I would like to have a comparison with you to get sure of what i'm going to configure on the harmony and on the pedal. The chords under the solo are: Am, C, F, E So, if i don't get wrong, E is not in the key of Am, it should be an Em. So the problem is that the harmony doesn't work for the entire solo. What should I do? where and what is the key changing? I configured an Am scale with +3th and a mix of 27% on the smart harmony, but on the pedal I should change the key to what? A#m? thank you for your patience and help. Marco
  14. Same problem here, i can't play my guitar with my favorite music :( I can't even install monkeys linked before, because it say "this software only run on mac os 10.5 or above" but i'm using 10.10!!!
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