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  1. Hi, am I wrong or it is possible to upgrade the 2.5 firmware from one Vetta to another???? I don't know why I keep thinking of that......I can't exactly remember where I saw anything like that written in a set of different upgrade procedure options when I upgraded mine....!! Does anyone of you guys remember anything like that??? Thanks a lot Phil
  2. Maybe a stupid question but are you tuned in A440....? I mean standard tuning (EADGBE) and not in Eb or 438 or any other tuning that might fool the tracking of the harmonizer?? Sounds pretty obvious but, guess what, it happened to me as I was using 3 different guitars with 3 different tunings (from standard to Eb and D tunings) within the same set...
  3. Hi, I just received my new DT50 Head. The previous one went wrong and has been replaced under warranty. I wanted to proceed with the firmware update 2.0 but when I connect the amp head to the computer via USB-Midi cable, Monkey only detects DT50-112....not the Head. I managed to install the firmware update though, but realized that what Monkey was detecting was not exactly my product Is that an issue? How to make sure the update I installed is correct?? Thanks in advance for your help Phil
  4. I tried to register but it keeps saying that my account has not been checked by a moderator yet.......!! Any help???? Thanks Phil
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