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  1. Hi there! I'm an owner of Helix rack, controler and mission pedal. That works great. To complement this, I purchased a year ago Helix Native to have that also. Presently, it's at version 1.82. I wanted to update it to a higher version, possibly 3.10 if I may, but for the life of me I can not find anywhere a button or a menu where I can update the version already installed on my laptop. How is it done if it can be done at all? Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.
  2. JKater6

    How to SPDIF?

    THis is disheartening to me because I just ordered spdif cables to connect my Helix to my 18i20. How can it be that noise is generated using purely digital connection?
  3. Yes, I find it a little annoying that something as simple as tap tempo forces you to overthing it. Gee, why not simply tap tempo your delay time and there it goes? I came here because on most patch, my tap tempo doesn't even react to anything except flashing lights. I thought something is screwed up after I updated to 2.82.
  4. Should I set the output to Multi or spdif? Does it make a difference in the strength of the signal. I will test that and see. Thanks.
  5. Oups, I quoted the wrong person. Sorry R2. I got this info somewhere else and didn't check from where I got it. At 0db, nothing is audible,or hardly, not sure why but like I said, I have decided to go the XLR analog route where I can really set the levels where I want. Interesting that you get a proper level at 0db. I'm happy in any case that I did update to current version. It was high time.
  6. Hi R2! I succeeded yesterday in upgrading to 2.82.0. Did some recording test his morning. You have been very kind in helping me find the courage to attempt it. Ah ah ah . This changed the look of the Helix edit app and I wonder how much differs and if there is a revised user's manual for the app. As you said one can boost the output of the spdif to 18db which I did. It is now usable but even maxed out still a fairly low level, I can't even make it clip if I wanted to. strange. And I don't know if I imagine it but the sound through the XLR analog output sounds best and more direct to me. I guess I will resort to spdif when all the inputs are taken, recording with several folks at the same time which happens rarely actually. I can't remember clearly if I updated the foot controler as well. I followed the steps, I think, so I assume it was part of the process. Thanks again for your help. Stay safe!
  7. Merci! The page with the intructions was down today. Has anyone noticed? I will follow your advice and back up my Ir's. I don't have any presets that I worked hard to create so that one's no biggie.
  8. Thank r2! I really appreciate your generous help. You obviously know your stuff. :) Yes, I will update tomorrow when I'm rested and take the time to concentrate on the steps (it's late evening here in Germany right now and I should get a good night's sleep). I'll update you with my luck when I'm done.
  9. I just started a thread about this topic. Curious to hear what some might say, especially if they have chosen to stay with an earlier version for example. Cheers! :)
  10. I have had my Helix for quite a while and I'm just starting to use it more extensively. I want to get the most of it but it's working pretty good as is and I could keep it there. But, of course, there might be some goodies to have from the latest version. My fear is that such a huge update gap between versions might cause problems? A very knowledgeable and helpful member told me it's worth trying. I would nevertheless like to ask the forum members (yes, that's you. :D ) their thoughts on this. I'm also afraid to lose my IR's as I have lost the folder where I first downloaded them (hum…) Thanks for chipping in.
  11. Thank you so much R2. So you think it's safe to update with such a big gap between the two versions. Also will I lose my IR's by updating? I will update my focusrite drivers. If the spdif is too much hassle, I will simply rely on the XLR outs and use that as an analog signal, "losing" two inputs to it in the process. :(
  12. I have a 3rd gen Focusrite 18i20 and I wanted to bring my Helix rack stereo signal via digital while using the Scarlett as my A/I for obvious reasons (recording with others). I expected a smooth ride and simple set-up, following the steps: Both the H. and S. at same sample rate (48), Clock locked at spdif in the Scarlett, proper Cordial digital coaxial cable,. Now the signal is there but barely audible. In fact, in the hearphnes it is not audible at if recording with another track playing. The signal DOES come in. It is just unusably weak. Darn, this was such a great solution to free analog inputs in my A/I. I'm a little frustrated to put it mildly. In the Helix global settings, I maxed the digital output and it is then audible but still rather low. I can't even make it clip if I wanted too. Please, don't tell me this is normal. Am I missing something? What would be really great is if someone (or better yet several) could walk me through the steps to set up my Helix to digital stereo recording via spdif. Thank you All.
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