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  1. I bought an mrx ab box, but there was some ground noise. Then I got a used pod HD500 and a VDI cable. No ground issues an no problems with low battery
  2. It's good to know that the USB chip is working. But the solution I have now with a USB cable permanently attached isn't so bad (as you can see in my video), so I don't think I'll bother to do any more repairs. The positive thing now, is that I always have a USB cable with me
  3. I did not listen to those who told me it wouldn't work. I soldered a USB cable directly to the pins, and now everything works great. I downloaded the latest firmware, and POD HD edit works great. The solution ain't pretty, but it was easy and cheap. Now I wonder if I sould buy the model packs..... Edit: youtube link https://youtu.be/mPw0h4D7FPg
  4. RogerH

    Helix FAQ

    Well, it doesn't happend every gig, but sometimes in small clubs with low ceiling and high alcohol consumption, this is a part of reality for me, and I believe other can agree on this. The videos have made a big number out of the build quality of the Helix, so I think it's strange that spillage of liquids not have been considered in the design. I don't expect to play underwater gigs, but a few rubber gasket could have helped a little. The rack solution is Ok, but it's more expensive, and not so elegant
  5. RogerH

    Helix FAQ

    So I still need to learn how to play........ But how will it withstand beer/water spillage ?
  6. RogerH

    Helix FAQ

    Is the Helix beerproof?
  7. One important thing that many people forget when they discuss POD's(and other modeling units) vs real amps, is that a POD simulates a miked amp, So when comparing sounds it's important to listen to the sounds that goes out of the PA. We had a gig on a very small stage, and my fellow guitarist had a microphone in front of his tube amp. We had no soundguy out in the audience, so we had to spend a lot of time before the show to get the sound right. When the soundcheck was finished we were quite happy with the sound and had a good feeling. But when the gig was finished we noticed that the mic in front of his amp had been moved during the show, and was pointing away from his amp. We don't know how his guitarsound was in the PA, but I don't think it could be very good. With a POD this would not have been a problem...
  8. It will be at least 8 days before I get home and be able to try this. I will take pictures and maybe a video. But if others will try to do do this, it will be nice if they can share their experience
  9. I don't think that's correct. I believe you can double click on the enter knob to enter values from the four edit knobs. (the arrow must be over the amp block) But I dont have the POD here now so I may be wrong.. Edit: ...and I have a very old firmvare.
  10. I really want to uppgrade the firmvare. I think it's got version 1.3XX or something. A lot of new features and sounds in the latest firmvare, so I think it's worth a try. I think my original plan is the easy way to check if the USB chip is broken. I just have to solder 4 wires to the pins, and no need for opening the POD. But thanks for your replies.
  11. I don't want to spend much money for a repair. Saving for the Helix :-) So I think I will try to do it as I described. If the USB chip is broken then I just have to live wit the old firmware...
  12. I just bought a used HD500, but when I tried to connect to my computer I got an error message. Did a quick internet search and I realized that this is a common problem on the HD500. The plastic center tap in the USB socket is gone, just 4 pins left... I've seen youtube videos of how to replace the USB socket, but I'm not sure if I dare to do this by myself. I wonder if it's possible just to solder an usb cable directly on the four pins on the USB socket? I know that it wont be pretty, but I think its less chance for me to do any damage inside the POD. Have anybody tried this solution? Edit: I did it, and it's working great now. Se my video of the repair https://youtu.be/mPw0h4D7FPg
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