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  1. I have zero interest in Helix issues. I would love a separate forum. And a fully functioning HX Edit! Thanks.
  2. That's a drag. Since you can't setup defaults for effects, the workaround is to store banks of "favorite" settings and copy and paste them around. It would REALLY be nice if those scribble strips could copy/paste with the effect. Any ideas on other workarounds for this?
  3. This is a HX Effects question that may also occur in the Helix. . When I copy an effects block with a customized scribble strip name to another location, the effect will paste but NOT the name i gave it. Do you have to re-title every effect you copy from preset to preset?
  4. I'm not sure if this is the place to report HX Effects bugs. But I am having a problem with re-syncing the LFO. On the M Series and Helix a single press on the Tap Tempo will reset the LFO to that downbeat. I can't get the HXFX to respond to it at all. I am on firmware 2.5.0. Thoughts? Is there some kind of setting I'm missing? It would also be a great feature if midi Stop/Start commands for re-syncing the LFO. That way you could stomp it as often as you want and it doesn't change your tap tempo.
  5. Depressing the Tap button once doesn't do anything. Still a cool fx unit.
  6. In the M9 you could get the unit to start at the top of a pattern tremolo phrase by hitting the tap button once. It also restarted the tremolos back on the downbeat. I can't seem to get the HX Effects to do that! It makes the Bleat Chop Trem just a random out-of-sync effect. Hopefully if this isn't possible now, it would be added in! Also, if the HX would respond to Midi Stop/Start commands that would be great. That way fx could be triggered in time. Here's what was in the old M9 Advanced manual: Re-syncable LFO Sync your Mod FX to the downbeat by simply hitting the TAP switch while playing.
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