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  1. I've been getting great results using my Helix as a processor/switcher for several instruments in a live rig (electric guitars, acoustic guitar, pedal steel and an electric mandolin). My two electric guitars fire into the standard guitar input via a Radial Big Shot I/O and each of the other instruments mentioned use a unique separate FX return for each (Acoustic Guitar=Return 1, Pedal Steel=Return 2, Mandolin = Return=3). In a preset I place a return block at the front of my signal path and routed for that particular return/instrument, and then I've got the ability to quickly and simply change instruments live by selecting different presets. Awesome flexibility and to date, this has been my best solution to integrate all of the above instruments. The one shortcoming that I'm trying to resolve is I can't access the tuner function on any of these particular "return ins" without manually having to switch the tuner to receive on that specific return channel. Unfortunately the tuner receive settings appears to be global to all presets and does not include the return channels in the basic tuner setting called "Multi" which includes Guitar, Aux & Variax only. As it stands, I can only have tuner function for my electrics connected to the guitar input jack. I really want to be able to use the internal tuner for all of these instruments whenever I switch to their presets... Maybe I'm missing something? If not, perhaps Line 6 might address this in a future update. Although I would imagine this would be a fairly low priority since I doubt that many users are attempting using the Helix with multiple instruments like this.
  2. Just adding to the discussion. I'm running my Helix through the new Katana Artist 100 and couldn't be happier. Best of both worlds, either via 4 cable or through the acoustic preamp channel. MIDI to the amp gives me even more flexibility, plus I've got a great backup in the Katana. I already own the Katana 100 1x12 and the head, but this new amp sounds and behaves even better.
  3. I've got a Mono M80 series Tour 2.0 bag for my Helix and also have one of their guitar cases. Super nice gear and very robust...
  4. tywebb

    Making the jump

    Yep, obviously will be several weekends, but all going to be fun!
  5. Old thread I know, but really glad to see this as I am in a similar situation and play electric guitars, pedal steel, acoustic/electric guitar and mandolins live. Have been using a Morley ABC switcher, but this will give me a lot more flexibility with setting up unique settings effects for all my instruments AND be able switch on the fly with the Helix. I think I'm really going to love this bad boy!
  6. tywebb


    Does that one have the Phantom powered espresso maker?
  7. tywebb

    Making the jump

    Yup, I think it will have to be the full Helix. Thanks again fellas, just placed my order with Sweetwater... Gonna be a fun weekend!!
  8. tywebb

    Making the jump

    Thanks gents, appreciated. ~cheers
  9. tywebb

    Making the jump

    I've been using a comprehensive pedal board for quite some time now, but have played with POD XT, Boss GT-100 and other older modellers in the past. After a fair amount of research and YouTubing I'm close to making the jump to the Helix LT, but have a quick expression controller question. I'm sure this is a no brainer to any of you guys, but haven't had a hands on with this yet and need to know if I can assign a volume or wah to Exp 1 and then have Exp 2 control the speed of a tremolo or rotary or any number of other block-type parameters? Thanks for the assist and looking forward to rockin this beast! ~cheers
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