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  1. stuttering plus crash on I phone 5.
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen, i really hope u guys fix this stuttering thingy plus the crashes after playing along some songs. Becouse this is absolultly annoying. And that's the reason I am not happy with this thing. May it's only on I phone 5 but I am not willed to buy a Pad. Hope u give us a better perfomace soon. Thank you in advance, have a good one. S.G
  3. Any statements ? Some Information? Line6 whatsup - give us a feedback please. Thanks in advance a costumer
  4. Any news about the fix? I am really frustraded atm...a useless box sitting in my studio :(
  5. Any chance to get the old version back without a Backup? I don't have a Backroll of a proper Backup couse of reinstalling the new Version double times.
  6. Update from 30th April 2014 Well, this is the newest version and it crashes. But anyways thanks for your response.
  7. It crashes and it's out of function after the new update! Please fix it. I'm really disappointed. Thx in advance...it mades my day
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