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  1. DeanDinosaur


    Fizz can be reduced simply by using impulse responses of specific microphones and specific location on the speaker. Try impulses of R121 and avoid SM57 unless it's mixed in with another mic or the impulse is based on the cone and not the cap. It's honestly that easy.
  2. Any device that's connected to a PC or Mac for editing will eventually crash (and those that are not connected will aslo due to power outages, etc etc. . I've had my HD500 crash on several occasions due to a patch getting corrupted. The good thing is that the designers/engineers had a solution for this, you simply restart the POD while pressing the directional arrow (to the right I believe) and it was all good. Global resets procedures are there in Eleven Rack, Kemper, AXE FX and I'm sure Helix will also have a way to reset to recover from a crash.
  3. Helix upgrade is not only for those who have Pods HD, it can be used in many ways which makes it a viable solution for many or all types of musicians and recording artists, Even if it didn't have amp modeling included, it's a leap forward in sound quality and intelligent design, but the sweet thing is that modeling has also improved. The effects sound stellar to my ears and I have no doubt that I will be able to make the amp models sound just as stellar. The tools are there for modeling. Impulse response loading, better cabinets. you can also add your tube amps to the Mix; if the amp has a line out, then it goes into Helix and you can experiment using the Helix cabinet/Speaker simulations... You can also wait if you don't need all of this till the scaled down Helix iteration show up. I'm certain this product will be a huge success, so other scaled down versions will be be coming. I'm not waiting, because I know Helix will make a few things redundant in my home studio/man cave, so I will thin my heard of equipment and Helix will seem like a bargain when all said and done.
  4. I just fixed it, sorry about that. But Hopefully it is correct and will be released sooner.
  5. Is this right? Americanmusical lists them as being available July 14th!? I'm not sure if this will change but I'm looking right now and it says July 14th.(I took a snap shot and attached it just in case it changes)
  6. Like you said earlier, hopefully they can get scenes functionality in a later firmware or allow the effects or amps to be controlled by more than one foot switch so one foot switch can turn an amp and at the same time turn two or three other thing off always and not just toggle (I guess that's the same thing as a scene effectively).As is though, it can still be workable to a certain degree since the delay can be assigned to the same foot switch that's assigned to the Split > A/B Mix parameter to toggle between two completely different signal paths in the same patch and the delay will maintain its trails if its placed in a spot applicable to all the paths.
  7. If I understand you correctly, that can be said this way also, clean, crunch, distortion, delay. I can do currently using the HD500 in one single patch if I have to make sure that the delay trails are maintained. I can't see why this can't be accomplished in one patch using the Helix. Using one patch you have upto 32 effects DSP prermitting, so I'm sure since the guitar can be feeding the four paths, it seems that one would be able to put a different amp on each path with a delay in each patch and use the foot switches to turn on/off to get the desired effect.
  8. Put your feet in cold water and start/continue working on the other new Helix formats. This thing is out of the park, hi res impulse responses, multiple I/o audio interface, mad controller, Re-amping... this thing can replace the functionality of countless studio or live Gadgets and does a better job at the same time! Thanks for completely stopping me from considering a Kemper or AXE II. Helix is years ahead. Take that Kemper and Fractal. I wonder if it has the Input Z-thing.
  9. Are the three current Helix products announced going to be the whole family or will the family grow a few more iterations :D? I know it might be a tough questions so I'll understand if it can't be answered.
  10. Thanks, if this ever becomes possible then the Helix can be a direct replacement to the Torpedo Cab! Still, it's a formidable product, that can do many things. I keep wondering and hoping that the vibe effect in Helix is better than the M-Series or HD unibive.
  11. 1- I know there are preamp models. but, does anyone know if the Power Amp can be a separate block? Even as is, I can plug my tube amp line out and use the IR loader and record my amp! Very nice. 2-Can the input/out be discrete that I can send one output that includes drive/distortion/effects to My amp and then send my amp line out, into Helix other input to process using the IR block and record my amp that way? or will that cause a feedback loop?
  12. This is revolutionary!! :) Congratulations line 6. This reinforces my early impressions of line 6 delivering extremely smart products that lead and push the industry forward. "Brilliantly simple, simply brilliant " this phrase should be used to accompany this product literature. Igloo, your presence here is very crucial in keeping customers feeling connected (at least to me). Is there a list of the amp models that you can divulge? With respect, Dean
  13. Line 6 operates in the United states and all these issues are regulated by law (UCC or uniform commercial code), it's not arbitrarily that most companies in the U.S have 30 days return policies. They're not required to have 30 days policies but if they don't have a stated policy in some states, automatically a 30 day policy is imposed by law, so it makes sense to have such policies. .The way i see it if there's a moral obligation that anyone has, it would be line 6 to lower the price, refund 30% to all who paid the full price and keep the discounted price as the regular price Getting back to topic, I hate to say that even at the 30% discount I opted out. My favorite amps are already in the HD500. I'm not really interested in anymore amps, what I'd like to see is at least one Power Amp model, and splitting the cabinet from the AMP, a stereo compressor with release and attack parameter not just threshold! Also the Global EQ is great but it wouldn't hurt to offer it as effect that way it can be saved with Presets. I'm sure these amp model packs are great, but there isn't many HD amps to warrant the price! I would have paid for more modeled stomp boxes such as guvnor, any of the fultone drives, electric mistress flanger and the list goes on and on. Shiva, 5150, JCM800 are the only HD amps and to me, that doesn't qualify as metal pack! I know some really like their X3 older amps but at 99 dollars you're very close to getting a digitech rp360 with 55 AMPs of the same old generation modeling + 85 stomp effects!! and USB interface. Sorry line 6, I love what you do, but I'm not seeing the value here.
  14. meambobbo, you're a good sport and awesome human being. I think it would be fun. I'm personally never offended by anything in the course of a discussion and that's all this is, a discussion. I happen to think that advancement in modeling in the last five years created a new league of modelers and software plugins that are capable of producing very good guitar tones. I think that most important ingredient will always be the performance and that's why those who demonstrate all new gear are usually very skilled performers. I'd be willing to bet that if we have direct tracks of demos, and re-amp in most modeling gadgets nowadays, the results will be very similar. I think Pod Hd is right up there with the big boys, might need a little more work and experience, that's about it.
  15. The dollar was weaker at the time of Kemper release. For united states customers, Kemper should have dropped in price if it was based on currency exchange alone, but many "small and boutique" companies do this introductory price thing. They up the price if demand is very high and they can get away with it. Currently "AMPLIFIRE" from Atomic is at introductory price of 599, but from clips I'm hearing it's not better than the HD but who knows, some folks like to pay more.
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