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  1. I finally got one of these boards made and installed after a couple of revisions. The input section of the send is jumperable for phase reversal, and the pot controls the input level in the return section. If ypu want to match the sounds of your old delay, chorus or other stomp box pedals to the units in the POD, this mod allows you do so with comparative ease. It also works a treat for playing along with an external band track from an IPOD, DAW or similar. Even a looper with a separate effects setup is another possibility. Many thanks to Miroslav for his advice and assistance.
  2. All good so far. This simple mod works great with either my IPOD, BOSS MicroBr or Galaxy Tab3. Gavan.
  3. Hi Miroslav, Pleased to tell you that putting 1k resistors between pin 1/7 (U18), and 3/6 (master volume) has little change in volume.
  4. Thank you very much for your help. I have design PCB to fit in shell of XT near output control
  5. So no need a capacitor between pin1 (or 7) and the 1k resistor in the return circuit?
  6. Is it better to take signal from Input Jack and use IC buffer ? ... I try to describe better with circuit diagram #1 - AuxSend-2.jpg: Perhaps circuit diagram #2 - AuxReturn-2.jpg explain idea better:
  7. Thanks for clarifying the resistors. I thought that was probably where you had patched the H/P in but I wanted to be sure. I had thought of taking the effect send off the junction of R20, R25 and Pin1 of the OPA2134 which seems to be the logical point of patching headphones in. I know that phase shift may be a problem but I will only find that out by trial and error so I'll see when I get to that stage. I was thinking of feeding the returns back in at pins 3 & 6 of the master volume. I have 2 of these units so I was only going to modify one of them. cheers.
  8. Hi Bill, I had already tried that type of approach but the basic idea is/was to have the aux send/return as a main integral part of the POD's built in circuitry rather than try and achieve the result using an external device to mix the two separate signal lines. cheers
  9. I would like to patch in an FX Loop or AUX Send & Return into my POD XT taking the signal out after the guitar input and feed it back in just before the output so it bypasses any of the DSP effects. So far I have these 2 circuit ideas with a small PCB already basically designed. However I'm not 100% sure where to patch them in.
  10. I received your email so thank you very much for your help. There was this topic question on this forum: http://line6.com/support/topic/10543-pod-20-auxiliary-input-mod/ The reply by Miroslav was very useful but resistors R92 & R94 in his answer are for the POD 2.0. Without the schematic for this model I cannot be sure just where he is patching into the headphone out. Do you possibly have the section of the diagram for the POD 2.0 showing this modification or can you tell me which resistors would be the relative ones in the XT model?
  11. If you have a schematic you can send it to my email address: :tarahall1950@gmail.com" thanks
  12. Although I now have a POD HD500, I still really like my POD XTs (I have 2 of them). I would like to patch in an FX Loop or AUX Send & Return into my POD XT taking the signal out after the guitar input and feed it back in just before the output so it bypasses any of the DSP effects. Has anyone done this and/or are there any schematics for the POD XT anywhere?
  13. R92 & R94 are for the POD 2.0. Do you know what the equivalents are for the POD XT? I wanted to patch in an FX Loop or AUX Send & Return into my POD XT after the guitar input and feed it back in before the output without using any of the built in digital effects. Has anyone done this and/or are there any schematics for the POD XT anywhere?
  14. As your 2 songs are diverse in their amp sounds & guitar parts, it's difficult to make an objective comparison - different delays, reverbs, modulation, overdrive, etc on your 2 songs make comparing the two amp sounds to my mind somewhat impractical. It would be more interesting to hear the same song with the same parts utilizing the amp models from the 2 different units. I have a little Roland COSM based amp (their Micro Cube) which is handy for doing lounge room style vocal rehearsals however I don't like its "sounds" much but it has its purpose. I'm not a huge fan of their COSM thing although I do have Roland/Boss's COSM based RE-20 Space Echo twin pedal which I use as a live replacement for my original RE-201 Space Echo. It's not quite as groovy as the tape driven model in an FX Loop or AUX Send & Return but at least I don't have to replace tape loops or put up with wow & flutter from worn motor bearings. However I do like some of the amp sounds in the XT and I have used the POD live a few times when touring and backline is provided. But it becomes purely a personal preference in the long run and all players have their own likes and dislikes from guitars, amps & pedals to strings, picks & leads. Ultimately I guess it comes down to whether either unit achieves what you are setting out to create musically for yourself for that track. Cheers
  15. I also think the Line6-Edit GUI was better set out for the AMP & FX adjustments. The dark colours of the HD500 editor are not as easy to see even on a MAC notebook, the lighter colours of the Line6-Edit interface were a lot easier to see. I also think if I could find some digital electronics genius to patch an aux send/return style FX loop into my POD XT I would keep using it with the express floorboard. Having the XT unit at waist height made it a lot easier to make changes on the fly in live situations.
  16. thanks to all for your repliesand a special thank you to pianoguyy for his heads up on setting up patches. I went and looked back at my pod xt and the default amp levels were all over the place there as well. I'd forgotten how much time i'd put into getting the patches on that model set up.The more I mess with this unit the more the features i find, and the quality of the sounds has certainly improved. I miss the built-in default Comp/Gate and the Sine Chorus from the XT's FX models but I guess there are replacement options available. Thanks for everyone's help.
  17. I bought this HD500 about 8 weeks ago as an upgrade to my POD-XTs which have been extremely serviceable for touring purposes. The sampled sounds in the HD sound like they are certainly improved but I miss a couple of the built in effects such as the default compressor/noise gate and a couple of others that had not been implemeted in this model. The problem that I notice most is the imbalance between the default volume levels of different amps models especially in PRE mode. For instance, the Blackface Deluxe is much louder. than the Blackface Twin (ie: double verb), the Marshall 100 is much louder than the 45, the Vox AC30 is louder than the Vox Fawn, etc. The XT was much less variable. So ... (1) Is this common amongst these models? (2) Is there away of resetting the unit to defaults? (3) Would a reflash of the firmware possibly fix this issue? TIA.
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