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  1. I haven't updated my M1 Mac Mini from Big Sur to Monterey yet. I came here to see if it was safe. But I will comment that under Big Sur, with Logic Pro 10.7.1, Native wouldn't load until I enabled Rosetta. However, after it loaded successfully, I disabled Rosetta, and Native continues to work fine. I probably won't update to Monterey until a few more people chime in that it is working for them. But there seems to be several who aren't having issues.
  2. Hi Phil,


    I have an HX Stomp, a Strymon Iridium, and a Morningstar MC6 MKII, along with a 3 button switch. I am finding it annoying to create and maintain multiple (almost) identical Stomp presets just to include different modulation effects. I use Trem, Chorus, Univibe, Flanger, and Rotary (not in the same song). I’d really like to get an H9 to be my modulation engine, allowing  me to disconnect the modulation effect from the Stomp preset, but don’t want to spend that much money. So i am considering an M5 as a poor man’s H9. I would put it in the effects loop of the Stomp. Here are my questions - I hope you might be able to offer some insights.

    1. Are the effects in the M5 similar in quality to the equivalent  effects in the Stomp or will they be disappointing?

    2. I’ve read several posts here about problems (mono use too loud and distorted, ribbon cable issues, power issues). Is it safe to say that these are not the norm? I would be buying new.

    3. I plan to call up presets in the M5 from my MC6. Any issues i should be aware of?

    4. Any other caveats or advise would be appreciated.




  3. I updated my Stomp and I’ve been playing with the new 5c3 Deluxe model. I’ve noticed an occasional higher pitched feedback in passing between sounds. Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a solution?
  4. Here is my setup: Wireless and tuner into input of Stomp Block 1: LA Compressor Block 2: fx look containing my 3 favorite physical overdrives Block 3: Rotary effect Block 4: Amp + Cab (Cali Texas Clean w/ H30’s) Block 5: Delay effect Block 6: 63 Spring Reverb effect amp+cab eq is rolled off at 90hz and 5khz When the amp+cab is turned off, and the output goes to my Princeton or my Vox MV50, it sounds fantastic. But when I enable the amp+cab, and the output is feeding my Alto TS310, the high e and b strings sounds harsh and almost doubled like there are ghost notes. This is currently preventing me from using amp sim at all. Any suggestions on how to resolve would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I use Jackary batteries. Unfortunately the models I have are discontinued - the Titan, and the Thunder X. I bought a new battery this week from Rav Power, 26800 mAH, but it didn’t work out, so it’s going back. I suspect Anker might be a good brand to try too, but haven’t yet.
  6. I am powering my Stomp with a power bank. It works well. But there are a few things to keep in mind. The Stomp will draw 850mA to 1.3A, and so the typical 5v to 9v converter (which can only output 800mA) is not suitable. Look for one that can supply 2A. I build my own using a board that can handle a 2A load. Second, when selecting a battery pack keep the following in mind: 10000mAh is measured at 3.7 v. But of course you will be consuming power at 9 v. So your capacity will be about 40% of what the battery is rated at, or about 4000 mAh at 9v. And with the Stomp consuming around 1A (sort of an average), the battery will last about 4 hrs, give or take. This is why I use a 20100 mAh battery pack, giving me about 8hrs.
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