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  1. Yes, 3.51 and 3.50. Usually after a firmware update, I do not restore a backup. I make note of my global settings, export all presets to individual files, and update the firmware. Then, I review and reset the global settings (and review any new settings) and import the presets. However, in this instance, Set List 3 contained presets that were created from scratch in 3.50. They were not imported from a previous version. Set Lists 1/2 contain presets that were created with earlier firmware versions. They imported without any issues. Just one set list of about 15 presets is corrupt. However, I can't even get to any of the presets in that set list to remove a corrupt preset.
  2. Most-recent HX Edit and Rack firmware as of today. Was building new presets in Set List 3 from scratch using HX Edit on a Windows 10 PC. Set Lists 1 and 2 had existing presets that were brought in from a previous firmware version. I did not copy and paste anything to Set List 3. Set List 3 was all new. Periodically, HX Edit would disconnect. Clicking the reconnect button would not work. I had to unplug the USB cable and then HX Edit would connect again. The most-recent time this happened, HX Edit gave an error dialog box. "Failed to get preset names." "Operation failed due to DSP overload. [code -8611]" "OK" From that point, I could not access the presets in Set List 3. I restarted the computer and got the same error dialog in HX Edit. I restarted the Helix Rack and got the same error dialog in HX Edit. However, now when I try to open Set List 3 on the Helix Rack hardware, Set List 3 now appears to be a copy of Set List 1. No matter what, I'm unable to access Set List 3 from HX Edit. It appears I will have to reset the presets on the Rack and reload my presets. (Fortunately, I had exported the majority of them and only have to recreate two simple presets.) Before I do any type of reset, is there anything Line6 would like me to do? I can wait a day or two before I have to get back to building the presets again. I can easily be reached at the email address attached to this account. Thanks!
  3. I'm currently unable to sign in to my account in HX Edit. I can sign in to the Line 6 web site using the same username/password, however. The error is "Cannot reach servers. Please make sure this computer is connected to the Internet." The fact that I'm able to post this message is proof that I'm connected.
  4. My issue with the Control main display not always updating has been resolved by a complete reset (5+6 encoders) on the Helix Rack.
  5. I have two presets that I created from scratch on 2.92 firmware on the Helix Rack and Control. I did not restore any backup. Other than setting my usual global settings, everything is factory fresh. I have a Mission expression pedal with foot switch connected to Exp 1 and Switch jacks. When switching between the two presets, sometimes the main display on the Control does not update. The scribble strips update correctly, and the Helix Rack also shows the correct preset. It appears the issue only exists on the main display of the Control. Global Settings for Footswitches category Stomp Select: Touch Preset Mode Switches: Preset/Snap Stomp Mode Switches: 8 Switches Snapshot Mode Switches: Auto Return Up/Down Switches: Banks Swap Up/Down: Off Display category LED Ring Brightness: Dim/Bright Tap Tempo LED: On Pedal Position Display: Off Tempo BPM Display: Persistent Please let me know if you need any more information. Thanks! mike
  6. Regarding the bug related to corrupted presets when importing them, I think I found something reproducible. I exported 100+ presets from the Helix. Then, I imported the same 100+ presets into a different set list on the Helix. There were several presets that had corrupt preset names. To reset the situation, I copied a bunch of 'New Preset' presets and pasted over all the 100+ presets I just imported. Then, I imported about 20 presets at a time. By reducing the number of presets during an import operation, I was able to import without any issues. It appears the issue may be related to the number of presets being imported within a single operation. I hope this is useful. mike
  7. After upgrading to 2.8 from 2.71, I needed to go back to 2.71. During the firmware update from 2.8 to 2.71, "2.8" is mentioned a couple times. This can be confusing to others who are also downgrading. The first mention is after the firmware image is downloaded. It is the page that mentions the Command Center Hotkeys feature. The second mention is when the first part of the update is complete. I used the Line 6 Updater that came with HX Edit for 2.8 to perform this downgrade to 2.71. Thanks!
  8. Using Helix Rack and Control with Mission Engineering Switched Expression Pedal. Frequently, the Control display shows 0% as if the expression pedal has been moved. It can be distracting. Is there a way to reduce the sensitivity or provide an option to disable the display of the expression pedal movement? Thanks!
  9. Possible Bug when Selecting Tuner using Footswitch Using Helix Rack and Control After a successful 2.8 update, I restored all stock presets and set lists. I then tried to enable the tuner using the Control tuner switch. I held the tuner switch down longer than needed to set a tempo, but shorter than needed to enable the tuner. The Helix Rack and Control both locked up. Audio would not pass and the only solution was the cycle the power. Not sure if it matters, but I was on preset 01A on Factory 1.
  10. I found a bug in 2.8: Foot Control Editing Returns to Wrong Page. Updated Helix Rack and Control to 2.8 without any issues during the update. When editing a preset using the foot controller, your current editing location within the blocks is not remembered. With a foot controller, edit a preset that has many blocks in it. Press MORE to go to the next page of blocks. Select a block as if you were going to edit it. Press BACK. Instead of being returned to the second page of blocks, you are taken to the first page of blocks. You must then press MORE to get back to the second page of blocks.
  11. Support Ticket Submitted 2019-04-02 Firmware: 2.71 Footswitches: Top Presets/Bottom Snapshots Expression Pedals: 1. Mission Engineering SP1L6H connected to EXP1 and Toe Switch on Helix Control 2. Ernie Ball VP JR connected to EXP2 on Helix Control I'm using the Command Center to send MIDI PC/CC commands to a Behringer Virtualizer effects unit. The MIDI PC changes presets on the effects unit. MIDI CCs adjust the mix level. EXP2 is used to control the CC value. This is used to add delay/reverb to our vocals. I have the commands set up on about 15-20 presets. While configuring the Helix with these commands, it all worked as expected. During the first performance after setting up the commands and EXP2 pedal, the Helix Rack and Helix Control units froze. Audio was still passing through, however, I could not change presets using either the Control or the Rack units. This was after about one hour of usage switching between a dozen or so presets. The only solution was to power-cycle the Rack. It continued on for about another hour before the same issue happened again. Again, a power-cycle was required. After the second lock-up, I disconnected the EXP2 pedal and the Helix system ran fine the rest of the performance. I have used the Helix Rack and Control units for 16 performances without any issues. This is the first issue I have had where the units failed. The only differences, other than typical preset changes, is the addition of the second expression pedal and an instant command for each preset. I could be wrong, but it seems that changing presets which triggered the instant commands seemed to work. It seemed that when moving the expression pedal is what caused the unit to freeze. Again, I'm not completely sure. If needed, I can provide a full backup or individual presets. Thank you for your assistance! Mike Dawson
  12. I have an XDR95 mounted in a rack with other equipment. All of the equipment is powered by a Furman power conditioner. All other equipment powers-up and works fine. The XDR, however, does not, but with a twist... I usually keep all the equipment turned on, then use the Furman's power switch to control the power to all devices connected to it. However, when I turn on the Furman, the XDR does not power up. I can only get the XDR to turn on after unplugging the power cable from the back of the unit, then plugging it back in. A while back, I thought this was a problem with the original power supply. I thought the cable near the jack may have been pinched and was not working correctly. So, a few months ago I purchased a replacement power supply from Line6's store. It is the DC-1g part. Last night, I replaced the power supply, and the same thing is happening. It appears to be consistent and reproduceable. If I turn on the rack, the XDR does not come on. But, as soon as I unplug/replug the power cable, the system works. It does not appear to be a loose connection inside the jack, because wiggling the power cord does not cause the device to shut off. Any ideas? Thanks Mike
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