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  1. I have an XDR95 mounted in a rack with other equipment. All of the equipment is powered by a Furman power conditioner. All other equipment powers-up and works fine. The XDR, however, does not, but with a twist... I usually keep all the equipment turned on, then use the Furman's power switch to control the power to all devices connected to it. However, when I turn on the Furman, the XDR does not power up. I can only get the XDR to turn on after unplugging the power cable from the back of the unit, then plugging it back in. A while back, I thought this was a problem with the original power supply. I thought the cable near the jack may have been pinched and was not working correctly. So, a few months ago I purchased a replacement power supply from Line6's store. It is the DC-1g part. Last night, I replaced the power supply, and the same thing is happening. It appears to be consistent and reproduceable. If I turn on the rack, the XDR does not come on. But, as soon as I unplug/replug the power cable, the system works. It does not appear to be a loose connection inside the jack, because wiggling the power cord does not cause the device to shut off. Any ideas? Thanks Mike