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  1. LT gets frozen if I switch turner on shortly after it has finished boot. Or Tuner does not work, if switched on shortly after boot. If I wait about 20 secs before turning on turner, then it seems there is no problem.
  2. One more Idea: It would be great to include a metronome in the looper and have the option to automatically snap the stop of recording to the closer bit, in such a way that the loops fit perfect in time. The metronome could be controlled by tap switch. It could be visual, blinking one of the free square spaces leff by looper controls. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/idea-v2/903640
  3. One more idea: I think the behaviour of knobs while changing parameter values should be improved in Helix. Boss GT-100 does it way better in my opinion. If you move the knob slow you get a very precise adjust of the value, while if you move it fast the value is modified way faster. Helix does something similar, but not so good in my opinion. It would be great if it was improved. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/idea-v2/902935
  4. One new idea: Increment / Decrement volume block https://line6.ideascale.com/a/idea-v2/901258
  5. Thanks for your answer. Yes, I know it is possible in several ways. But as you say, you need several switches, and you have to adjust the levels exactly to the point you want first. In the boss gt-100 you just need 2 switches. One to increase volume step by step, and one to decrease volume step by step. Just a couple of simple blocks "increase volume" and "decrease volume" will allow to work like that. You can dinamically adjust the level, if you find the wah to loud... If your settings are not correct... Or adjust the volume if your master is accidentaly not where it was supposed to be... You avoid the problem of turning volume up while switching on the wah, you have more control than with a volume pedal... I think it seems very easy to include that kind of block, and make the helix more versatile...
  6. I've been using a Boss GT-100 for the last few years. I still have not received my helix, still waiting for it, but reading the manual... One option I am missing is the possibility to increase/decrease the volume using a footswitch. I know it is possible to have a volume block, or use snapshots... But what I mean is to be able to increase the volume (1dB for example) each time I stomp on FSx, and decrease the volume (1dB) each time I stomp on FSy. So, in case you are using the wah and you want to adjust the volume on the go, you can touch a couple of times the footswitch, and decrease it to the point you want... Or maybe the programed boost is not loud enough, so you stomp three times the increase switch up to the level where the barman runs...
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