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  1. No, the RJ-45 jack is not wired for an ethernet protocol, so that would not work.
  2. Unfortunately the FBV controllers are not able to receive SysEx messages via USB like they are through the RJ45 jack. Sure, they will accept SysEx flash memory updates via USB, but that's about it. For example, you can pass a SysEx message to the FBV via RJ45 to turn on an LED, but if you pass that same message over USB, nothing would happen. For some reason Line 6 has greatly restricted the USB functionality of these units. The only thing they can do via USB is send basic MIDI-out messages. They will not respond to incoming MIDI/SysEx messages. It's a shame because a very simple change to the source code would fix this issue if Line 6 ever gets around to it. Same goes for the Helix Control unit.
  3. Yes, you would be able to integrate the FBV with HX Stomp (or any MIDI device for that matter). You'd just need to set up your configuration file to issue the corresponding MIDI CC commands (outlined in HX Stomp manual). Again for this to work you do need to setup some additional hardware, see:
  4. It may take a bit of doing and I have yet to experiment with something like this, but it would be possible, yes. I am not very familiar with Bias FX Pro or the ins and outs of your DAW (assuming you're using it as a plugin), but in the simplest scenario you could set up presets on the FBV that issue MIDI PC messages to switch to particular Bias patches. Those presets can be linked to effect states (ie on/off) for any number of switches/LEDs so they will be on or off by default whenever you change to a different patch. You could then use those switches to turn on or off individual effects within the patch similar to the instant access (IA) feature of most high-end foot controllers by sending MIDI CC messages. For example, switching to preset #1 would have chorus and drive effects on by default, whereas preset #2 would be tremolo and delay on by default. You could turn on/off effects as you want within the patch. Effectively, you could set-up individual pedal-board layouts for each Bias patch you have. It can get a lot more advanced if you want to take advantage of the MIDI-in capabilities of this set-up and allow for the FBV switch states to sync-up with your computer input. For instance, you could use your mouse to click a drive pedal "on" in Bias and then the corresponding LED would light up on your FBV. MIDI automation events executed from your DAW could also sync with the FBV in the same way. It's do-able, but it's another can of worms I haven't opened yet.
  5. Thanks for checking it out! Line 6, would you ever issue an update to allow the Sysex messages to pass over USB? That way people wouldn't have to build anything special. I'd imagine you'd sell a whole lot more of these things ;-)
  6. This is a project I've been messing around with. It lets you really open up the possibilities of your FBV3 and /or FBV shortboard MkII. It allows for full color functionality of FBV3 as well. It requires some basic know-how with an Arduino at present, though with very little effort on Line 6's part, that may not be necessary in the future. Check it out:
  7. Thanks for the reply, wanted to make sure it wasn't just specific to my unit.
  8. Just noticing that the FBV3 up and down buttons do not seem to light up for anything, even if plugged in as USB and assigned as CC toggle switches. Line 6, did you put LEDs behind these switches?
  9. Is there any support for FBV MIDI in? As far as I know these devices only issue MIDI out commands via USB, though despite having class compliance do not respond to incoming MIDI messages. This would be useful for turning on LED states and interfacing with more advanced set ups. For instance is it possible to use two floorboards, one on stage and one remaining with a tech, and press an arbitrary footswitch on the tech's FBV, eg "delay", sending a corresponding MIDI CC out, though when also received by the stage FBV, this incoming CC message would synchronize the stage FBV's LED state for the "delay" footswitch to on?
  10. kquann

    Helix control USB

    Are there any plans to implement USB functionality on the Helix Control to allow it for use as a fully functional MIDI controller without requiring the Helix Rack? It seems like for the price point it could beat out a number of other similar controllers (ie RJM Mastermind, FAMC Liquid Foot) if only the hardware support was enabled for this purpose.
  11. kquann

    Helix FAQ

    Thanks for the info!
  12. kquann

    Helix FAQ

    Also, just curious, what DSPs are you implementing for the HELIX series (Analog Devices SHARC? TigerSHARC?, Freescale Symphony? Etc.)
  13. kquann

    Helix FAQ

    Can the Helix Control unit be used as a MIDI controller (MIDI in/out ports) without the corresponding rackmount Helix? Will The Helix Control be backwards compatible with existing POD HDs?
  14. kquann

    Helix FAQ

    Will the rack-mount unit have support for the current FBV controllers?
  15. kquann

    Tuner over MIDI?

    From what I've seen, the aforementioned companies have their own SysEx specifications to display tuner information on their respective proprietary MIDI controller boards. However, they have made their SysEx specifications available to manufacturers of MIDI controllers (such as RJM, Liquid Foot, BJ devices, even DIY controllers) so that things like patch names and tuner can be displayed on 3rd party controllers. Would Line 6 support something like this? Even if the current POD HD firmware does not support SysEx data over the MIDI ports per se, would Line 6 release the specs for the RJ-45 (FBV controller) port? That could be just as useful to developers of 3rd party controller hardware without requiring additional effort on Line 6's part.
  16. kquann

    Tuner over MIDI?

    This question is likely only answerable by Line 6 techs but here goes: Is it possible to send the POD HD tuner read-out signal over MIDI? Currently you are only able to do this with the proprietary FBV foot-controllers, but given the very limited MIDI capabilities of the FBV shortboard mkII + POD HD Pro, it would be great to use a separate MIDI foot controller but still have access to the POD tuner read-out at your feet. I know other manufacturers like Fractal, Kemper, TC-Electronic, etc provide support for this so you can fully integrate their units with the more advanced MIDI controllers. Does Line 6 have similar support for the POD HD series?
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