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  1. I am using a Dr Z Maz18 and I run everything into the front end of the amp. I've tried all the options, and have stuck with using both loops in HX for my pedals. Loop 1 is for EP booster and SP Compressor and Loop 2 is for Friedman BE-OD and KLON Centaur Silver. I don't notice anything but a slight input bump when going thru HX with my overdrives. Your mileage may vary.
  2. Newb question here. Can the unit be set up to toggle between Wah and Volume on the fly? (like telling it to switch assignments between pedal 1 and 2?)
  3. Epoxydog

    Problem updating

    I just bought an HX Effects. Super Excited.... Saw the note to make sure to update the firmware to 2.50. So I did immediately. I Was VERY upset when the updater kept crashing on Windows 7 or (on Windows10) would not find the device. Even got an RMA from Sweetwater to return it, after Line6 support came up empty, telling me that "It's not a normal problem we've seen." The techs at Sweetwater had seen it reported already but had no workaround. Here's how to solve it. Don't waste your time on 1) Driver installation 2) Updater download. Instead.... Download the entire HX Edit suite, which contains everything. That package registered the new drivers and Windows was able to recognize the device, update the firmware... and now I am in business. Keep Rockin.
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