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Spider IV 15 no sound from guitar input - mp3 and tuner ok

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I just bought a Spider IV 15, but there is no sound when I plug the guitar.


When I plug a player in the mp3 input the amp works fine.


There is signal from the guitar because I can use the tuner to tune the guitar, but somehow the signal is not getting to the amp.


Any advices of what could it be? I tried to reset the amp but still there is no sound.



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If its under warrenty I would have to agree - return it.


If the tuner is seeing the signal and there is no sound output otherwise it could be the MoBo.


Hopefully a SIV guy will pop in and give you some better advice.


If not I would recommend submitting a support ticket (if you are going to keep it):





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Did you try a factory reset?    WIth the amp's power off, hold down the 'clean' button and turn the power on - hold the button for 8-15 seconds before releasing.

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