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Mic & Reciever compatibility question

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I should know the answer to this but for some reason I do not...


I own 4 V-35's ( 1 of them was a 30 with upgraded software )

I own 1 G30 Relay


and coming this week from ebay, a V-70


up until now I have not wanted nor needed the V70 or V75 because I didnt need or want Rack mountable recievers or all the whistles and bells that the transmitters have such as modeling etc.


I mainly picked up the V70 because it was a steal and I plan on buying a V75 so I can update the firmware to all my units.


First Question


1.  Are all my mics and transmitters compatible? ( I run EVERYTHING on RF1 BTW ) can I use  my current V35 mics with the V70 reciever ?  I use Shure SM86 Capsules in my 2 main microphones for our band so the modeling really will not ever be used..


2.  If I rack mount the 2 recievers, will it matter if I put the antennas in the back of the rack or the front?  I am thinking back but does it matter really ?


3.  going from the V35 to the V70/75   is there any kind of learning curve I need to be prepared for? I know I've read bout environment filtering and the ability to adjust gain settins etc.  I am used to and spoiled by the plug and play ability of the V35  so I want to make sure I am prepared LOL...  

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1.  Yes, everything is compatible (to it's minimum).


2.  You can run antennas in the back but it's much harder to deal with.  You likely won't have enough space to spay the antennas out 45 degrees (to cover polarity issues).


3.  For a vocal mic I would set the environment/dynamic filter to "NORM".  I would expect you would only be able to her it work if you were speaking in a quiet voice more than a foot away from the mic.  With a singer this almost never happens (but if you hear it you can switch it off).  As far as gain adjustments ... I see almost no reason to ever use the.  The mic works at unity level and the best performance will be a 0dB.  If any adjustments were needed they would almost always be done better by adjusting at the board the same way you deal with a wired mic.

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Just for clarification, I have a multiple 55's in my rack (all handhelds plus one body pack). I am wanting to now add an extra handheld transmitter to alternate with the body pack. Am I correct in thinking I can use either a TX55 or TX75 to do the job?





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My wife has a XD V35 Lav Mic Transmitter and the Receiver is also an XD V35.. I just need to get the Transmitter.. are the G series transmitters also compatible? (eg. The G30 Transmitter) 

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On 4/7/2020 at 2:20 AM, niculescuady said:

I have a XD-V30 RXT06 receiver and it does not seem to work with my bodypack XD-V75. I have tried all 6 channels.


Have you checked with the V75 bodypack in RF1 mode? They usually default to RF2 whereas the V30 will, I think, only work in RF1.

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