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Problems Saving Volume Pedal with Patch HD500x - VIDEO


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Hey -


I've been having problems getting the volume pedal to save with patches when sent to the pedal from the edit software. There has been a large amount of discussion on the forums with solutions such as "reset whole pedal" to change the bypass volume on the amp setting even if you're not using an amp (that works in some cases) - but with SOME patches, if you send the patch to the pedal, it works until you click away to another patch - but when you click back - it stops working. Here's some video that clearly shows the problem: 


Hopefully, this will result in a solution that works every time! Let me know if you have a fix for this issue - I like to have a volume control with every patch.

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I notice that this happens more frequently with pre-made patches than with patches I build from scratch. When I make my own I put the volume Pedal first in the chain. So here are the fixes (workarounds really) so far:


1) Change bypass volume in amp (even a little), then save / send.


2) Build tones from scratch, put volume pedal first in chain.


3) After you send the tone to the pedal PHYSICALLY reach down and hit the save button on the pedal. It's a pain, but this seems to work well. Why there's a difference between sending the pre-saved tone to the pedal and overwriting the tone itself once it's been sent, well, who knows?


Anyway, that's my experience. To be honest, it's made me so gun shy of the dependability of this function that I've added an Ernie Ball MVP volume pedal in guitar to amp chain. I run the pod in the effects loop.

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