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Jm4 Looper? Can I Just Use Loop, Not Amps And Effects?


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Hey crew, I am in the market for a looper. I don't want to launch a space shuttle with my foot or build a website with a bazillion foot buttons. So, is the jm4 the way to go? I use a Pod Hd500 direct to P.A.


I don't need all the Amps and effects of the JM4, but I do need a good drum track, and plenty of room to phrase and loop. I figure having a Line 6 HD500, and using a G30 wireless, and an L6 singing mic, I might stay true to the brand.


I want your honest opinions of the Jm4. I've also been looking at the Dugitech Jamman Solo Xt. Thanks.

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Turning off the amp model doesn't make the acoustic guitar sound like it's supposed to, plus you loose every effect and every feature including volume & gain. The JM4 DESPERATELY needs an amp model for acoustic guitars. None currently give you true acoustic guitar sound like AUX does, but AUX can't be looped separately from the vocal. Because of this, I can't even use my mic with it. This one change would make the JM4 the perfect tool for the 1-man band, which should be the target customer. We could even eliminate our mixers. How awesome would that be? One perfect little box for EVERYTHING! All we'd need is an inexpensive A/B switch between acoustic & electric guitars.


Please go to Line 6's Idea Scale, their site for submitting ideas, and vote for my post (link below). Tell your friends to vote too & maybe they'll fix it. Thanks.

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At July 18 2015, and still is incredible the absurd bypass mode in amp section of JM4.   It seem like some kind of pillow pad is between the signal input and the out coming audio becoming  sterile and lifeless.  Bypass mode is absolutly pointless.


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