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Newbie Needs Help With X3

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I just purchased an X3 live used locally. Not super familiar with the controls, but I am trying to edit the sounds in the device and label the setting.


Beginning with the first patch, which is labelled Eruption on this device. I decided to try instead a Matchless amp. Was able to discover how to replace the Plexi with a Matchless. Attempted to label the sound and could only change the first letter, no matter what I pushed and poled.


Likewise the effects. I can edit a compressor, but I can't seem to to figure out how to swap a compressor for a Tube Screamer, for example.


Any advise on short videos to help?



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I screwed up!


I downloaded the manual, thanks for that. However, when the manual instructions did not match up with my controls, I looked at the model #. 


I actually bought an XT live, not X3 Live.


Can you help out with the manual for that?


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