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HD 500 and Marshall JVM 215c

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Before I start the quest to try and find the right settings to connect my HD500 and JVM215c I wondered if anyone out there already uses this set up. Having previously never been totally happy with DSL50 and HD500 sound together I am going to try again. I use the 4 cable method so I can make use of the amps tone and use the pods effects.


I am totally familiar with the basic set up so am not asking for what cable goes in which input etc and have previously downloaded a good set up guide by someone from this forum, so it's more actual practical settings with the two pieces of hardware I am after, ie levels on amp/mix, the 4db or 10db option and then on the HD effect loop levels of send/return/mix



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Hey airguitargb,


I highly recommend giving pages 2.8-2.9 a look over as it goes over the four output options. These options give you the ability to have certain modeling activated or not such as cab,speaker, mic, exc.. 


It also touches base on using amp model "-pre's". When you go through all the amp models they will repeat with a '-pre' at the end of the model. This is only that amp models pre amp (where the amps tone is). So when using the 500, you can clean up your Marshall and use the preamp from the HD500 and the power amp of your marshall. 


These options should get you on the right path for the tone you're going for.



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Thanks Nick I have kind of already gone down same route with that download on previous amp /HD combos, was kind of looking more for people with JVM /HD experience and actual tried and tested level settings thanks

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I run my HD500 through a JVM410C.


4 cable method and midi to control amp switching without the footswitch, First 4 banks simulating the 3 modes of each 410 channel.


I basically set the amp up first with effects loop off, got the sounds I wanted, then engaged the effects loop with all effects off, adjusted the mixer to cancel out the POD, so the amp sound with the effect loop off is the same as with it on, got it about as transparent as I could. Then set up a pan effect before the signal chain splits, with comp, o/d, dist effects to one side, then time based stuff after the fx loop.


So my POD is basically a programable pedal board, the 410 is a monster of an amp so don't see any reason to use POD amp or cab modelling.


I'll check my settings if you like and let you know what I ended up with, I think I had to boost the POD output slightly to match the amp.



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