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  1. Same problem here, Dell laptop, windows 7, fibre internet connection but Spider remote wont connect, works with my Helix HX, my Boss Katana, my Fractal Audio stuff. This is a Line 6 issue and it needs sorting, pull your finger out Line 6 and resolve this issue!!!!!
  2. Yeah, sorry, should have explained, I don't use the POD for amp sounds, just effects and control. The Triaxis is an external preamp connected up using the 4 cable method plus midi for channel switching. Hope that helps.
  3. Hi all. I'm currently messing around with a POD HD PRO and a line 6 longboard, now I know a lot of the "extra" buttons on the longboard are not useable, so I'm wondering if a MKII Shortboard will give me more options. As far as I can see the only improvements would be that its smaller, and that it has 2 function buttons, which would be very useful if they can be mapped to something on the POD. The only downside would be needing that extra expression pedal but that's not really an issue. My setup requires 5 effects buttons, dist,delay,mod,verb & boost. so if I want all these at my feet I have to go into pedalboard mode, which I would rather not do as I sometimes use 2 patches for 1 song. So my question really is: Do the function buttons on the Line6 Shortboard MKII work with the POD HD PRO :) Thanks in advance.
  4. My current setup is: Guitar into POD, mono effects send to Triaxis preamp guitar in, Triaxis preamp fx loop send to mono return on POD fx loop, stereo outs on POD to stereo Marshall power amp, sound great. Just bear in mind that every patch on your POD now requires the effects loop on (taking up 1 block) Steve
  5. Hi and thanks for the reply. Problem is I'm not using amp modelling, so without the fx loop on I would have to have all effects in front of the preamp. I'm playing around with a POD HD PRO as well and having more success (apart from the huge lack of effect blocks) a pain when your needing volume/panning/wah/fx loop/boost, 5 blocks gone before adding dist/delay/mod/verb, I'm always one short.
  6. Hey all. Just got a POD X3 Pro after having one many years ago. I'm trying to set up a rhythm / solo mode by using Tone 1 for rhythm and Tone 2 for solo. I'm using a Mesa Triaxis in the loop so amps are turned off. The problem is, no matter what I seem to do the FX loop is only ever "on" on one tone? So if its on using tone 1 and I switch to tone 2 its now off, switch it on in tone 2 then go back to tone 1 and its off again. Anyone know why I cant seem to get the FX loop to stay on for both tones? Driving me nuts, cant remember having this problem before. Cheers
  7. Ok I never hit the DSP limit, why you ask????? because I dont use any amp modelling. However..... I do run out of FX blocks yet I clearly have loads of DSP available!!! This really P****s me off. Why have 8 footswitches available when its not possible to use the unit as a full pedalboard? if I use a volume pedal, 1 block gone, if I use the FX loop, 1 block gone. Line 6 should make fx blocks available to the capacity of the DSP, if each amp model was the equivilent of an fx block then I could utilise the whole pedalboard. So i'm gigging looking down at a half used pedalboard.
  8. 4 cable method into a JVM410C. I use a studio eq after the fx loop and last in the chain, assigned to a footswitch, eq set flat and the gain adjusted so it has no effect when switched on or off. Then, assign the gain to the expression pedal and boost by about 4db. This way, heel down for rhythm, toe down for solo. Split the main chain with a pan pedal and throw comp & drive pedals to one side and you get a massive option for sounds, solo sound with boost or not, rhythm sound with boost or not etc
  9. To be honest I havn't tried, i've got a JTV59 but rarely use it live, I did once assign the whammy to the tone knob just to do the harmonic drop in little wing (no trem lol) I'm pretty sure it could be done as most paramiters are assignable, might come in handy crossing from accoustic to electric for soloing, have to think about that one. My main problem is effects blocks getting used up for panning, fx loop, would like to claim them back as i'm not using the amp modelling but LINE 6 WON'T LET ME!!!!!!
  10. I run my HD500 through a JVM410C. 4 cable method and midi to control amp switching without the footswitch, First 4 banks simulating the 3 modes of each 410 channel. I basically set the amp up first with effects loop off, got the sounds I wanted, then engaged the effects loop with all effects off, adjusted the mixer to cancel out the POD, so the amp sound with the effect loop off is the same as with it on, got it about as transparent as I could. Then set up a pan effect before the signal chain splits, with comp, o/d, dist effects to one side, then time based stuff after the fx loop. So my POD is basically a programable pedal board, the 410 is a monster of an amp so don't see any reason to use POD amp or cab modelling. I'll check my settings if you like and let you know what I ended up with, I think I had to boost the POD output slightly to match the amp. Steve
  11. I use my 500HD purely for effects and control. I midi out to my JVM410C and have set up identical patches to simulate the 12 channels on the amp, I use the expression pedal to morph into solos. Heel down gives me my amp only, toe down brings in whatever else I have switched on including boost, I do this by putting a pan effect right where the chain splits, and put my front effects to one side, 4 cable method through the amp, time based effects and clean boost after the fx loop controling the delay mix with the pedal as well. This also means I can switch off the boost, go toe down and bring in any effects on my rhythm setting as well. So versatile, go from clean amp to full on distortion and delay smoothly, then back off leaving the delay trails going, awesome. Amazing piece of kit, my only gripe is why can I not access more effects as i'm not using any amp or cab modelling, surely there is enough processing power, amps should class as effects with regards to processor useage. There, I said it.
  12. Hi all, Has anyone tried using an external noise gate of any description instead of the internal ones? I'm trying to free up an effects block and it seems that an amp top noise gate might be an answer, thought I would throw it out there before spending any money to find its no good. Thanks in advance :) Steve
  13. So in theory something like a Fernandes Sustainer could be fitted as well and mixed? Cool.
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