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I got my JVT59 and POD HD500 because of the alternate tuning feature. I have no skin sensation in my hands and some paralysis so I open tune and use a "Guitar Barre" to fret. With the POD I can get 4 different types of chords using presets, for instance A (M), B (m), C (M7), D (Maj7). This is great, but is still limiting; much better than just Major chords w/o my Line 6. It not only limits chords but also limits effects on the POD. When switching from A to B, all of the effects have to be the same settings and on or off in the same configuration.

I want to make a pedal board that just switches the tuning; in theory this is simple. The problem is I don't want to destroy the original tuning selector and destroy the function all together.

Does anyone know how to get a second rotary selector switch to wire into a new pedal or some other way to achieve my goal?

As I told Line6 in a letter last year the JVT and HD500 combo can enable may people like me, who can no longer play conventionally, express themselves.


Thanks for any input.

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I think you have to swallow the bitter pill, and use one preset per chord. But if you use an external midicontroller, you can directly switch to all presets via bankselect and programchange messages. Additionally you can use controlchange messages to switch single effectblocks in the signalchain like overdrive, chorus or delay on and off as desired to alter your sound. And if you use a parallel signalchain in your setup, you can blend/mix two amps via midi using the cc-messages for the exp-Pedals to control the different ampvolumes.

So all in all you can store 512 different chords for your JTV an use two different amps with various pedaleffects switched on or off. And if you don't need 512 chords for one song, you can store as much chords per song with the sounds needed as there is free memory space available. :-)

Have a look at the Behringer FCB 1010, wich is a very versatile Midi Footcontoller, to realize your project. I hope this will help you, and perhaps this will help others, when you tell us, if this works, and how you finally setup your gear. :-)


best regards



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Thanks Alex,

Just took a quick look at the Behringer FCB 1010 and it may do the trick, and the price is not too bad. I have never used MIDI before and reviews say it is hard to program but I love a challenge. I'll report back on how it works in a few months.

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I use an FCB1010 to change Vetta 2 presets and guitar models on my JTV59.  It is a relatively complex programming process, but once you do it once, it's just a process that is repeatable.  I think I wrote the process down somewhere.  Maybe I can find my notes and post it if no one else has already.

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I sold some vintage speakers and was able to buy a Behringer FCB 1010. So far so good. I can have 10 tunings at the touch of a pedal. At the moment I am playing with open E tuning:  1-M, 2-m, 3-M7, 4-m7, 5-Maj7, 6-M II (open A), 7-m II, 8-M7 II...

Thinking of locking the JVT Vol. and Tone controles to adjust mix of effects. I found that the POD Expression pedal setting will stay from preset to preset, should be the same for the JVT knobs. If not I can use individule effects, all I need are Reverb, Tremolo, and Echo and a little distortion. I have two of the four on my '63 Vibroverb Reissue the third with a Watkins CopyCat. I can use the FBC 1010 to turn two of them on and off if I cant find a way to use the POD FX but that takes away two tunings. Eventually I want to use pedals to turn off strings for some fills and solos, but to be able to have ten "tunings" instead of four is a big step forward. It's all trial and error now.

I still haven't figured out the FBC/POD programing, I am just adjusting the set list in the POD. The FBC starts at set list 1, bank 1, A for switch one and set list 1, Bank 1, B for switch 2... as a default.

Will update as I learn more and progress.

Thanks Alex and thorneven.

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I have put in feature requests to allow changing variax models and tunings via midi. Obviously the POD is changing this via midi over the VDI. If they allowed us access to the PC or CC used via external controllers, you would be able to set up the IAs on the POD to change just the Variax settings without changing patches on the POD.



I also requested being able tos end midi CC from Variax volume and tone pots to other midi gear. Using my tone knob to adjust gain on an Axe FX amp sim etc. Using volume to adjust gain on Axe FX drive block etc. The possiblities would be endless.

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If they allowed us access to the PC or CC used via external controllers, you would be able to set up the IAs on the POD to change just the Variax settings without changing patches on the POD.

That is exactly what I wish I could do.

But as long as I don't want to change any of the amp or effects settings besides mix I can work with this. With JTV Vol. and Tone locked and set to adjust the mix of effect; I just have to set all of the effects in the POD presets that a MIDI bank controls exactly the same so that, when changing chords, they transfer from one to the other.  (Hope you can follow that last sentance.)

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