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L2T starts limiting after few seconds (overheating?)

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I bought a brand-new L2T, unpacked it tonight and off course testing.
But it starts limiting with a red light after approx. 20-30 seconds.

No matter which input I use or which instrument. I tried an acoustic guitar on channel 1, gain half way, master volume of L2T half way, limit starts and doesn't stop anymore, no sound is comming out of the speaker. Only the noise of the fan.
Tried 2nd. channel with a mic., same story.
Tried the red/white RCA at the back with an electronic drumkit, same story.

The fan starts and there's no sound anymore. Tried the noise suppressing on/off.

Am I overlooking something or is this one from the mondaymorning-production batch? Oh boy oh boy.

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Seems there are still issues with these things...mine arrived a month ago, only to have the dreaded fan rattle at stage volume. Currently being repaired with new fan assembly...so we'll see.


If/when you get it working, make sure you crank it and listen for the jack-hammer sound. Might have more than one problem lurking in there. Good luck.

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